Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 23 March 2013

Photo Fix

We have managed to purchase the missing bit for the iPad and so can include photos. Here are a few that related to the last blog.







  1. Hi Kerry & Jim
    Beautiful photos! Look forward to more. Had 5mm rain last night and it sure felt like a wintery night with strong winds and today was only about 19 degrees – unusual for this time of the year for Ogilvie. Had Gaylene and Mark up for dinner last night as a part of a send off for michelle and Richard Allen and family as they are leasing their farm and moving onto greener pastures. Enjoy the adventure love Terry & Ros

  2. Hi ya! I never thought to see you with a coat on, Kerry! Quite a different look to what is worn in Jurien. Wild and woolly weather last night and we had over 35mm of welcome rain. A nice way to end the month. Keep well and enjoy. Debbie & Kevin xx

  3. Hi guys. Great to see the adventure has commenced and you have sorted the “technicalities”. While not a fan of cold weather (that’s why we live in Melbourne), your description of the current Italian climate sounds enchanting and those photos – wow! We have only seen Italy in the summer, and never really appreciated how cold it can get. Also good to see you are mastering the i pad, the i phone and hopefully the i talian. Not doubt you will quickly settle into the Italian way of life (relaxed) and enjoy everything this change in culture and scenery has to offer. Look forward to hearing more of your adventure. Kay & Gordon. ps we finally move into our new home in Torquay this week.

  4. Hi Kerry & Jim was great to hear that you arrived safely and all going really well. I love the photos but it sure looks cold would be quite an experience as Di and I only had really hot weather when we were there. Started the AFL job yesterday and it was great to see Jamie kick the 1st goal of the season for West Coast but unfortunately lost to Dockers by 28 points. I look forward to hearing and seeing photos from you over coming months especially when you get to Zena and Toms will love to hear your first reaction to their place. Love Jill & Co x x

  5. get a hat quick , I felt a chill here

  6. The photos are great…IL Doci Di Fai Nienti (the Sweetness of doing nothing).

  7. Beautiful!

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