Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 27 March 2013

The beautiful city of Genova (Genoa)

We are spending a couple of days here in Genova on our way to France and on our stroll this afternoon the sun was shining but the wind was really cold. It was probably only 8 Deg.

Genova has a beautiful harbour with many a luxury yatch to be seen. The backdrop to the harbour is all the magnificant houses that are nestled up the hillside.

While we were wondering around the harbour we found this great display of art pieces that had been created either by knitting and/or crocheting. They were hung from, wrapped around and displayed over every railing, tree, statue and park bench in the area. It was very creative. We could not find any information on why they were there but found some information on the internet. Google Intrecci Urban – yarn bombing at Genova.

And of course there was the fishing fleet. They have very small boats.


  1. Envious Jim & Kerry

  2. Hi Kerry and Jim
    Just love the head wear!
    I have seen some of that knitting on the posts and seats along the coast near us at Trigg/North Beach but certainly nothing as decorative.
    Love getting the photos. Wonder how the Italian language is going and if you are saying something more than ciao yet?
    Love Julie Turen

    • Slowing adding new words to our library of basics. We now have to switch to French which will be confusing. All part of the challenge!!!

  3. Wow, seeing you both rugged up – it must be cold. But Genova looks like a great place to visit.

    Q1: are you taking these pics with your iPhone and/or iPad?

    Q2: there is a weather App for the iPhone 5, that will tell you the current temperature wherever you are. are you having fun getting to know your iPhone?

    • No Larry, we are using our camera for photos. We have been using the weather app but have given up looking at it as it only makes us feel colder to know the temp.

  4. OMG looks like you have finally got the I Pad under control.

    Enjoy the time guys, take Carena dn thanks for the update. CT

    • I don’t think I have mastered this machine yet!

  5. Interesting art works! We are pottering in the van to sort the last items of “want” before travelling again. It’s mostly storage items but has to be done. Your photo reminds me I have to hunt up some warm gear for Albury!! Keep well :O) xox

  6. Yarn bombing I have forwarded your message to our Art Teacher who was talking about it last week and was very excited. I think she is thinking of doing the school area. I looks fantastic! Rob x

    • Rob, they were amazing. It looked as though the whole city had been knitting.

  7. Brisbane did the yarn bombing thing a while ago and it was in Helsinki last year. Someone in Bagni di Lucca is hoping to do it soon. I hope you get to see the old city of Genova.

    • Yes, we went through the old university area yesterday the beautiful Bastilica Annunziata del Vastato and will continue to explore today.

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