Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 31 March 2013

La Roche-sur-le-Buis

We have now arrived at ‘Chez Zena’ in La Roche-sur-le-Buis in Provence and it is great to finally unpack the suitcases and settle into our new lifestyle. Our little house is very comfortable and cosy and I would think typical of the original homes in the region.

The drive from Nice to our village proved to be a little stressful – the first time we have driven on the wrong side of the road on this trip. Who’s idea was it to be different and change sides of the road!

We found our house quite easily as Zena and Tom had given us very good directions and we also had TomTom to guide us. On arrival our lovely neighbour Sicco (pronounced Seeko) was there to greet us and show us around. He welcomed us and had bought us some bread, olives, cheese and wine which was very kind of him.

Our small village has been very wet and cold since we arrived. The photos don’t do it justice and I am sure that when spring finally arrives we will show you the beauty of the area again.

In the meantime here are some photos of our French home away from home.






The views from the house are lovely and will only get better as spring arrives.




  1. Hi Kerry & Jim, just logged on & have enjoyed reading your journey so far. Look forward to more! Scenery & house look fabulous. The food & wine is sounding great!
    Love the Davies x

  2. buon giorno Kerry & Jim

    We are all very envious of your new home, it looks amazing.

    We miss you both but hope you are having an amazing time, hiking, feasting, markets, people, scenic drive, art, music and fun enjoy it all.

    • Yes, all those things and more Andrea.

  3. My morning walk along the beach at Jurien Bay was absolutely beautiful this morning, a little dampeness in the morning air and the beach like a mirror, gentle waves lapping and crayboats in the distance, with the island on the horizon.
    Enjoy your day

    • Sounds wonderful Jenny, we came see it from here. We haven’t got back into the walking routine here yet.

  4. I’m with Dee photos of yummy food and handsome men sounds good

  5. Awh mhy Gowd! How absolutely awesome! The house looks fantastic, what a homely and arty interior. Just so romantic! How nice of your neighbor to greet you with chees, olives and wine, bet they were delish! I am so happy for you both you are in such a fabulous spot.

    • Dee, yes it is fab. As requested, photos of handsome men and yummy food to follow on another blog.

  6. Hi Jim and Kerry,

    Green with envy, looks like the house we stayed in Cabris, Provence, with the large beams through the ceiling, I’m not back at work yet taking some time out has been a big 6 months, speak to you shortly, and July in Sestri we are looking forward to even more after the last couple of weeks.


    • Looking forward to seeing you in Sestri in July.

  7. Love receiving your emails with photos. Hope you had a great Easter. Seeding is getting closer – maybe 3 weeks. Weather has cooled down – in the 30’s. Caught up with Cameron at the Allen clearing sale last week. Enjoy the journey and keep safe.

    • Spring is approaching here so we are looking for no rain. Hope it is all coming your way.

  8. Your new home looks really beautiful.

    • Yes, we are very happy with “Chez Zena” and are getting settled in nicely.

  9. I like the Montefegatesi photo on your header.
    I’m glad you have arrived safely…the place looks lovely.
    We are having a fine day hbur,but the rain is set to resume a bit later on and be really heavy tomorrow. With a bit of luck that will be the last of it.
    I picked up my Permesso on Saturday.

    • Wanted something from this trip as the header, so Montefegatesi it is until the weather improves and we get some lovely photos of here or Bagni di Lucca. Hope to see you Thursday afternoon.

  10. Looks amazing! Keep the photos coming. Love the look of the authentic house. Happy Easter love from the kiddells

  11. how long are you staying there you lucky people

    • Here until the end of May and then off to Italy until the end of November.

  12. Hi Jim & Kerry, WOW WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE To our great friends, Thank you so much for sending e-mails and photos,I love them. So glad that you made this decision to have I hope a holiday,we do miss you both, but we are both so jealous,good on you for having such a marvellous adventure. Mike has just gone down to the Mens Shed so he can answer your E-Mail when he comes home. We are both fine and enjoying our Easter break,but, it is always nice to get our peaceful Jurien back again. Thats it for now. Take care Love Jean XO

    • Yes, we are still pinching ourselves. It is everything we had hoped for.

  13. Looks amazing. I am sure you are both enjoying the local food and wine.
    Hope you had a great Easter

    • Yes thanks. Very quite. Still settling in.

  14. Hi Jim and Kerry

    Thanks for the pics, I do like the home you are in, very authentic, plenty of space. I like the exposed rugged cut beams on the ceiling.

    Enjoy your trip. And keep the pics coming.. A few photos of the food wouldn t go astray??

    Keep in touch



    Top Gun Shearing
    1/23 Oxleigh Drive
    Ph (08) 9249 5020
    Fax (08) 9249 5212

    • We will get some foodie photos out soon!

  15. Looks great…..what a lovely area to explore and enjoy:)

    • Haven’t had our hiking boots on yet but will start exploring as soon as the weather improves.

  16. What a magic little spot! Roll on the good weather for you. DK xx

    • Yes the weather is still really chilly and we are still getting rain most days. But Spring is here so hopefully it will start to improve.

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