Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 5 April 2013

We think we are Visa’d!

We have returned to Italy for a few days to finalise our visa requirements with the Italian authorities. This morning in Lucca we presented our final papers (we think), have been fingerprinted and had our mug shots taken as part of the process. All in all, a very nerve racking experience. Without the help of the wonderful Debra Kolkka we would not have been able to do any of this ourselves. She has been invaluable to the process. Thanks again for all your kindness Debra.

The trip from La Roche-sur-la-Buis to our italian village of Ponte a Serraglio in Bagni di Lucca took approx 9 hours driving time which we split over two days. We overnighted in Sestri Levante a coastal village north of Cinque Terra. We are returning here in the middle of July to visit some friends from Perth (Janet & Dean). Its a beautiful place so are looking forward to returning there and catching up with them.

The following photos are mostly taken from the car as we were travelling along so whilst not the clearest they are a good indication of the road trip.







Our overnight stay at Sestri Levante










  1. Hi Kerry and Jim, I am loving all your travel pics very much. The visit to Italy will be wonderful and I hope you have no more visa troubles. Strange laws they have. Please take a photo of boats in some bay/harbour/fishing and reflections. You know what I shall try to do with it. Love Robin R.

    • OK Robin, I will do my best to find the perfect photo for you to paint. Give me a little time to track it down though.

  2. Looks like your having a good time… The Eagles didnt do so good.

  3. Hi there, I had just sent you an email before going onto your blog(is that the correct terminology?) and discovered the answer to my question as to your potential whereabouts mid July!!
    Will keep on touch. Keep on having a wonderful time. XX

  4. You must have a good camera. Your photos are wonderful. I look forward to your updates. I won’t say you look like you are having a ball CAUSE I KNOW YOU ARE. Keep it up. The photos I mean Jim

    • It’s the photographer Barb – not the camera! Go Eagles!

  5. Hi Jim and Kerry, good to hear that the long process for your visa is complete. Sestri Levante looks like a perfect little spot…..thanks for the great photos!

    • We only hope it is complete now. Time will tell. Takes a few weeks to process.

  6. Fantastica!! If there is such a word! I’ve passed your BLOG details onto Sue. Had a couple of hours with her in Maddington on Wed and she and Greg send their best … until they get hooked onto all your details. Keep enjoying! BOLA Debbie & Kevin xx

    • Thanks for passing it so Debbie. We had lost Sue’s address.

      • Sue had a change of email moving to the big smoke! All doing well. Keep enjoying :O) xx

  7. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves , countryside looks fantastic. Kerry looks like you even cooked a meal . Hawks and Eagles this weekend, tough game for us I think.

    Take care ct

  8. Hi Jim & Kerry, It is so nice hearing and seeing what you are experiencing. All the photos look wonderful. Wish we were there,oneday maybe. Keep wnjoying. Love Jean xo

  9. I am happy to help, I remember how difficult it was for me the first time…and the second…and the third.

    • Hopefully our Italian will be better next time.

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