Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 7 April 2013

Sunshine at last

After weeks of drizzle and cold weather we have finally had our first real day of spring. It was beautiful. On our afternoon walk to explore the surrounding area we were bathed in sunshine. A deer was spotted in the olive grove but I was too late in getting the camera ready.

I’m hoping this is a sign that the days will start to improve.

The birds are out and about….



The bees are busy collecting pollen….


The olive groves are being pruned and mulched for the coming season…





Little flowers are appearing on the verge….



We are now looking forward to venturing further afield.


  1. Mel, Kathy & Jenny have been excited to see your photos and share the fun.
    Plenty of laughs still happening on the home front, Mel still creating mischief keeping us older ones young.
    We are wondering whats the best local fare on the menu and are you playing bowls? 32degrees today, no snow.
    Jenny and girls

    • Jenny, I think if we got the team together we would win the local corporate “boules”. I am looking for a golf course but haven’t seen one yet!!!

  2. Sent from my iPhone Jenny Empson

  3. So enjoying looking at your photos and watching your journey. Cannot comment on the footy (like some others) as I know nothing!!! prefer to do my embroidery actually! Drive safely – stay right, stay right stay right! Julie T XO

    • Julie you are so right…the only conversation in the car at the moment is….slow down….and stay right…..ahhhh.

  4. Nice Pics. I’ve been down in the shed looking for my old footy boots, expecting a call from Whoosh any day now, I reckon I could just about run (brisk walk)from the boundary line to the centre. Cheers


    • Have faith Spider, its only April.

  5. What can I say Go Cats! Love the photos! Keep them coming … Rob K x

  6. Bugger the Eagles lost by 50 points, hard match they play well just not good enough. The birds are cute a bite like a blue wren. The scenery is amazing.

    • It was a lovely to get some good weather at last.

  7. Seats were good at the footy. Had a chat to the people next to us. Footy not so good, they can only get better ( I hope)

  8. Our bird s are out here as well, Eagles down big time and not looking good at all, anyhow, good to see your birds all looking heathy, sounds like its the life, take care . Cam and Gay down for repairs to face today, rough town Gton Cheers CT

  9. So pleased you are safely home and Spring has finally sprung. Everything looks better in the sunshine! Your photos are lovely – must have something to do with the talented photographer, as well as the snazzy camera – not to mention the beautiful Provencal light . . . .

    • It may only be short lived as the next couple of days are back to winter. But the forecast for later in the week is good. The flowers and plants on the terrace are finally starting to bloom and spring into life.

  10. Thank you for sharing your magical holiday, so enjoying the journey! Fiona x


    • Thanks Fiona. Finally a lovely day here.

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