Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 13 April 2013

Mont Ventoux

Today we went for a trip up to Mont Ventoux which rises to 1,912 metres and is a popular ski resort and has also been part of the Tour de France. Dozens of cyclists were exhausting themselves today.

Unfortunately the final drive to the summit is closed until 15 May. Nevertheless the views were stunning. The snow capped mountains off in the distance are the Alps. Wish the photos did it justice.

As you can see the weather has started to improve, we had 20 deg. and sunshine again today.










  1. Looks great over there. Myself and Jess must come over for visit.

    • Come any time. We would love to see you both.

  2. Awesome guys, bring on the sunshine…spring I imagine will be a blast of new life


    Julie and Ron

    Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 16:40:26 +0000 To:

    • The last few days of sunshine has seen a burst of green buds everywhere. Spring has sprung.

  3. Go the Eagles they mashed Melbourne 177 to 83 it wasn’t looking good at the start. The Eagles, only up by 10 points at the main break following a remarkably impressive performance by the home side, put together their best ever quarter against the Demons to lead by 72 at the final change.

    It was an 11-goal-to-one quarter that set up the Eagles’ first win for the season, with Daniel Kerr picking up 19 disposals and five clearances before being subbed out of his first game for the year at three-quarter time and Mark LeCras slotting back in with three goals after his round one arm injury.

    A great result.

    You both looked cool standing in your winter woolies. the view are amazing and your camera is protraiting them fine. It ashame you are not into your snow bunny gear gliding down the mountain. Are we allowed to put some snippets in the next edition of the craytales? We have inserted the mosaics and they look great I would like to send you some pictures, were or how can I do this? Can you access JBCRC facebook maybe i can post them there?

    Regards Andrea

    • Thanks for the update Andrea – good for the Eagles to have a win.

  4. Hi Kerry & Jim
    Fabulous photos! Barbara and Ernie celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary with all the family, but unfortunately it was in the Gton Regional Hospital. Yes, Barbara is not well – has lung cancer. Should go home Tuesday and Tracey is going to be their carer. Ernie has been staying with us for 10 days and just moved down to Cath & Brad’s. He is very much looking forward to going home.

    Had no rain to date. Gerald Chick rang the other day and he was on his way to Bunbury and said it was pouring. Marlene Parker rang this morning and said Perth had a drizzly day all day yesterday for a few mls.

    Starting seeding Wednesday – canola.

    Thanks again and enjoy!
    Terry & Ros

  5. Thanks for the updates Jim and Kerry, We are getting itchy feet now but still have to wait nearly two years. Drew doesn’t want to read your posts anymore ‘cos he’s getting too envious!! Enjoy. Barb and Drew

    • You will love it when you get here, in the mean time enjoy Jurien Bay – its not a bad spot to spend your time.

  6. Beautiful scenery for sure. Eagles won well after a tough start , Jamie was the sub and came on in the last qtr, kicked a goal and did reasonable well for sure. Its all about him believing he can now. They advertised my job yesterday, it’s an uneasy feeling for sure , nevertheless it’s time for chnage. Went to Myla christening yesterday and had the noisy lunch with the Johnson, all good.

    Anyhow, I think your wine is all good, haven’t been tempered to do a taste test to check the quality yet, but it must be ok

    Anyhow, enjoy yourselves and take care, off to USA next Sunday for a few days. Cheers. Colin

    • Thanks for the updates Colin. Enjoy the States and good luck with the job transition.

  7. Fabulous! We had 20 degrees here in melbourne today and rain at last. Rob x

  8. Beautiful! We had sun here today. It actually got quite warm at Vergemoli…finally.

    • It must be good to finally have the weather to work on the house – see you soon.

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