Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 17 April 2013

Market day in Buis les Baronnies

Wednesday is market day in Buis les Baronnies which is the larger village at the bottom of our little village. It is a 3km drive down a windy road to get there and we have to pass through each time we go somewhere.

The smells and colours that the market brings to the village are very diverse. Everything from fruit and veges, fish, sausages, cheeses to clothing, baskets, bags, fabrics, hats, etc …. you can find a market stall selling almost anything. I’m sure it will be on our regular ‘to do’ list.

It’s a wonderful site. The following photos are just a taste of what is on offer.


















  1. Oh the colours in the market are just wonderful, just love the fleurs! Some lovely fabrics too. Think you are going to have to start sending parcels home very soon Kerry. Wonder who is doing all the cooking?

    • Yes Julie, every time I see something I like my first thought is ‘how will I get that home’.

  2. OMG OMG What is the lady sell in the fourth photo, OMG

    Miss you heaps luv Andrea

    • All provencial pottery Andrea. Everything from bowls, platters, oil pourers, olive servers, jugs, mugs, cookware. All in the most beautiful bright colours and mostly featuring lemons, olives, poppies, lavender and sunflowers. Wanted one of everything but settled for a couple of smaller pieces.

  3. Just makes you want to go shopping doesn’t it….a little different from the local IGA experience. Enjoy!

    • And the good thing is that nearly all the villages in the area have markets on different days. A shoppers delight!

  4. Hi Kerry & Jim, fabulous! Makes the Wanneroo markets look 3rd world. What a great coffee book in the making! How can Vicky resist a visit I am not sure. Look forward to another day in the life of K & J! Love Fiona X

    • Even Jim enjoyed wondering along looking at all the stalls.

  5. Photos are great. Feels like we are walking down the markets as well. Also noted what looked like patchwork fabric Kerry. Love to you both.

    • It was so lovely. And yes, just a few patchwork fabrics.

  6. Yum! Everything looks great! You both “sound” like you’re having a ball. I can hear it in your writing. Our countdown is on …. we’ll be off shortly after 5th May. Can’t wait! BOLA Debbie & Kevin xx

  7. Hi Kerry and Jim
    Photos are superb and it is wonderful to hear you are enjoying yourselves. It reminds us that tomorrow is the 12 months anniversary of when we joined you both in Jurien Bay, with Heather and Graham joining the fun a day later. Time travels quickly, keep up the blogs and enjoyment.
    Cheers Heather and Tony O.
    PS. Jim, hope you took the hint from the first two photos and bought some flowers!

    • Flowers? I must have been looking the other way!
      12 months, wow time does fly.

  8. It looks so good, makes you want to come and visit.

  9. Yum, yum, looks delightfull. I thought you would have thrown in a pic of you both enjoying the local vintage by now.
    Cheers. CT

    • Wineries on the agenda for next week Col.

  10. Hi J I M & K E R R Y Once again thanks for sending those luscious photos of market day over there,just a little bigger than Jurien Market Days,hey.Still miss you guys,just wish we were there with you oh well maybe one day, We are both fine and at last we think the snorket trail is to happen,about time. Next week the school holidays start,so the usual activities are going to take place,The Fishiing Competion,Prime Movers give it a go which Mike is coming too as he suggested the idea to Val so that should be a funny sight for all of us,not in Licra he will be wearing his shorts and tee shirt and good footwear and he should take plenty of water and his weights?? He told me this morning that he is going to stand at the back of the class so that should be O.K. as I stand at the front not with Val though,Just as well.. Badminton,the same deal,Bowling Club are doing something and I think the Golf Club andD.J. Bob will be putting on a couple of Music in the that will be good. The Youth Group will be having some activities and plenty of Sausage sizzles.etc.Jim,Lions also miss you,but with the new caravan things are going along o.k. and we have sold all the Christmas Cakes and I am now in charge of the Mints too,oh well I enjoy it..Kerry,how are you ?,looks like you are having a ball,what a beautiful part of the world,thebest apart from Jurien ofcourse. Mosaics are down at Dobbyn Park and look `marvellous,I.C.A.N and volunteer as well.Please excuse the setting out of this reply I couldn’t get it too stay in line,if you know what I mean. Anyway you two,take care and keep on having lots of fun. Love Jean & Mike xxoo . ,.

    • Thanks for the update Jean. Love to everyone!

  11. I shouldn’t have read your blog today before going to work, I am so jealous, we bought a whole lot of the red/yellow potted plates/platters etc when we were in Cabris and left them at the house we stayed in as a gift they are so beautiful, wanted to bring everything home, the photos are sensational, well I must go and shower and get ready for work I am so excited, not.


  12. Wow that looks amazing hopefully we are not too late in the year and you can take us somewhere like this!

    • Not sure what it will be like at that time of the year but we will check it out.

  13. What a fantastic market to have so close to home – beautiful colours!

    • Yes, quite close, but uphill all the way home – so we take the car.

  14. Can I come next time! It looks fantastic rob x

  15. What a great market!

    • Yes, it was a hive of activity.

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