Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 22 April 2013

A stroll through the village

The beautiful little village of La Roche-sur-le-Buis is nestled in the hillside above a valley in Provence which is surrounded by rocky outcrops in all directions.

I thought you might like to join us on a stroll around the village and have a look at some of the homes on a beautiful spring day.

The first photo is where we are staying and the second is our lovely neighbours place.














There are a couple of really narrow streets but….we have not been game to try this one yet!


And a couple of places that are works in progress.




  1. Hi Kerry & Jim, I was curious as to why I hadn’t seen anything come through from your holiday blog, so went in to send the “follow” again and saw that I had put 1 thing wrong in my email address………
    I am so happy now that I will be able to see your wonderful holiday snaps and keep in touch with what you are up to…. Just looking at images today I am sooooooo jealous, wishing you both much love and happiness
    Denise and of course Alan xxx

    • Lovely to hear from you! Trust all is good in Margaret River.

  2. What a lovely, peaceful little village – great photos Jim and Kerry. Yep, things not looking too good for the Eagles at the moment, they really need to turn things around very soon!

    • The village only has about 200 residents (I think), so it really is very quite and peaceful.

  3. Hi Jim & Kerry

    Just love your blog. They have certainly made use of the natural resources in this village. We are considering doing a similar thing for three months in France so will love to catch up with you upon your return for all the tips. We are considering the Loire Valley in France.

    Our third granddaughter arrived last week. Very exciting times for the Edens and hence this year is a stay in Aussie year (maybe a week or two in Fiji with the kids) but next year overseas again. After having 9 weeks touring Europe last year we definitely have the bug and Di finishes work in June so there will be no excuse.

    Keep it coming


    Dave & Di x

    • Congrats on No. 3 and we look forward to catching up with you when we get home.

  4. wow i am happy it is you guys guys drive over there and not me i would be so scared i would drive over the edge lol love the pictures. We will have to facetime you over the next day or two

    • Yes, some of the roads are pretty scary.

      • they look it..

  5. Beautiful spot! Looks like you own the whole village with no one else in sight!!! Rob x

    • Its a very quite little spot. They must have been at work. We love hearing the kids playing in the streets in the afternoon.


    What a gorgous place,won’t repeat myself,yes I will,wish we were there!!!so pretty. All is going really well in Jurien Bay,the Community Festival has just started,Mike and Keith Howard from Greenhead,actually came to Prime Movers yesterday, we all had a good laugh and they enjoyed themselves and will be coming back to join us next Monday. We then had a coffee at the Caravan Park Cafe,which was very nice and even more laughs at the photos taken etc. Kerry the Community Resource Centre is going really well,I must send you photos of the mosaics,they turned out beautifully and we are all very proud of them.Today we are off to Badminton,it is Give It a Go Day,so that should be more fun. Jim,the Bendigo Bank is still doing very well,but it took your brains and know how, to get it going,hey. Thanks for the latest email,A Stroll through Your Village,loved the photos,the village and your home look very relaxing!!!! Take care, you two and Mike will be sending you another e-mail soon,I hope,maybe…. Love Jean xo

    • Thanks for the update Jean. Looking forward to seeing the mosaic photos.

  7. It is not Italy…but it is not bad.

    • Yes, it really is a lovely village.

  8. Nice hat Jim, just arrived in San Jose, one more flight to go and we arrive in Boise, long trip. Eagles look really poor, down three one now,its a must win game this weekend against Port Power who haven’t lost a game. Jammie ,played a good first qtr again, then subbed off prior to the last, wasn’t the worst on ground, just needs to be more consistent now, this wil come soon with more game time nd maturing at this level

    Eagles need to lift quickly or our season is all over

    BBQ is ready to goat last , enjoy things over there. Colin

    • Have a good trip Col. Talk soon.

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