Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 27 April 2013

In the clouds (or fog)!

For most of yesterday and all today we have been completely in the clouds. Our lovely view is all but a white haze.

It has been raining non stop since early yesterday morning and the weather forecast is for it to be like this until about Wednesday.

As the weather has been so lousy I have been updating the photos and thought I might share some of the flowers we have seen around here.


  1. Oh I think the clouds (fog) looks heavenly. It is all so beautiful though in France. In saying that, Perth has had some glorious days. The mornings are cooler and walking along the coast very early is just wonderful. The sunsets have been fabulous too; big round firey balls glisterning on the ocean – just marvelous with a glass of something in hand!!

    Was going to say something about the Eagles but best not!

  2. Beautful photos! The beauty of spring. Still dry here. Boys have ~ 1000ha canola in and just changed to wheat today, Rain forecast for SW Wed/Thurs. Looks like we will get a couple mills. Had Barbara’s funeral yesterday. Huge! Caught up with Vic, Mum, Gaylene, Mark & Cam, John & Lisa and lots of other Cripps rellies. That tough day is over. Now to organise Ernie so he can stay in his own home????? Also saw Poj, and Barb – love your blog.

    Love Ros & Terry

    • Hard part is over, good luck with Ernie. Hope the rain is on its way.

  3. Wow, great to share your fun. Todays cooler around the edges,and dry-no rain. We sure could do with low clouds, and some moisture in the air send the fog this way. Enjoy your day

    • It has to rain soon Jenny, otherwise the farmers will be in trouble, again!

  4. Looks like a good fire and book would not go astray….after all our rain we are experiencing unbelievable days.
    Have you got that vege garden happening?

    • Here in France we only have a small area to plant, so have some tomatoes, herbs and strawberries in. Don’t know whether we will see the fruit before we leave as it has been so wet and cold.

  5. Nice cuddling weather, ☺☺☺

  6. Let us see the lavendar when it’s in bloom as that’s a sight I long to see ( in person ). Dad’s doing well, the Eagles aren’t. Love from Trish & Co

    • Unfortunately we will not see the lavender here in France in bloom as it flowers over June, July & early August. Hopefully we may see some in Italy together with the sunflowers.

  7. Looks great all the same, you must now be settling into the daily life of the locals and speaking the language ?? The weather must slowly improve, as the spring flowers suggest summer is not far away and your beautiful views will return. You might be pleased to learn that Freeo knocked off the Tigers on friday night, stealing the game by a point, following a controversial point to Richmond, which bounced through the goals & off the goal umpires leg before returning into play and being rushed through for a behind. We were robbed of a goal – not happy !!!

    By the way, I finish work in 3 weeks and start preparing for the Tour de France, leaving here on 10 July.

    Take care, and hope the weather picks up soon.

    Kay & Gordon

    • Oh! the lament of a Tigers supporter. Not too worried about Dockers and Richmond but are not happy that the Eagles didn’t get over the line again. Happy retirement and happy travels.

  8. I have seen photos of scenery , food, clouds, flowers, but no wine yet ?? Still in the US in Pittsburgh and heading to Kanas today and home Thursday
    Eagles were crap, were in front by 41 pts, season expectations now are poor

    • they need to go to kicking school 🙂

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