Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 3 May 2013

The Luberon Valley

The weather is again on the improve after another very wet and cold week.

With the promise of a 22 deg day and only light rain we decided to take a drive down to the Luberon Valley to visit three towns we had spent some time in when we were here in 2008. It is about one and a half hours south of here and a very pretty drive. Unfortunately the cloud cover on the way down meant no photos but on arrival at our first stop the sun appeared.

The first stop was Roussillon which is famous for the rich deposits of ochre pigments in colours ranging from yellow to orange and red. The reddish colour in the buildings render is very unique to the area. Although not mined commercially any more they certainly are very tourist orientated and are thriving on their unique & colourful cliff formations.

Fontaine-de-Vaucluse is the source of the River Sorgue and is at the foot of a 240m high cliff. Its average flow is 22 m3 / second, the highest in France, and can attain 110 m3 after the snow melts. The noise, air flow and coolness created in the very small area that is the spring where the water emerges is amazing. The spring water starts its journey and descends down the rocky river for about 500m before it passes through the lovely little village of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse on its way to the Rhone River.

L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is another small village further down river and is very well known for its canals and little bridges, water wheels, antique shops, riverside restaurants and cafe as well as its market day. We stayed in a gite (farmhouse) just outside the village for a week in 2008. It was such a great experience and we are pleased that many of the buildings have been restored since our last visit and the village is very vibrant.

As you will see from the photos here the rain had set in again by the time we arrived in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue but it was really good to revisit this area.


  1. Wow!!
    What a Holiday,Miss you both
    Jean & Mike

  2. The villages look charming and the cool days and rain make for enjoying the pastries and coffee even more inviting as you stop along the way. Have Fun. JT

    • Yes, you can always find a cafe to avoid the rain!

  3. Hi guys. We are enjoying the posts and good to see the temperature climbing. You are bringing back some memories, as we stayed in L’ Isle -sur-la-Sorgue and cycled around that district in 2011. Beautiful place to get lost, drink wine & just spoke up the atmosphere. I will be heading for Avignon for The Tour de France in 8 weeks & will be riding several stages, including Mount Ventoux, so your trips notes & photo’s are wetting my appetite. Wish we could be there with you. Anyway, I finish work in 2 weeks, so who knows what opportunities might arise?? Stay safe and look forward to your next report. Kay & Gordon.

    • I didn’t know anyone could enter the Tour, did you have to register through a club? I will be great to be part of it, well done. We will keep in touch. Good luck!

  4. Another destination to put on the bucket list! Off to Port Gregory with the Gero clan, looking forward to 2 weeks of relaxing. Our photos will be a little different to yours, I am sure you will agree! Enjoying your journey with you. Fx

    • I’m sure you will have plenty of fun as well. Enjoy and hi to all.

  5. Hi, please send some of that rain over here, we are awaiting a start particularly in Geraldton. Arrived home Thursday, a bit tired still . Kerry, still no photos of wineries at all.
    Eagles season is over I think, playing bulldogs on Sunday, Jamie played wafl today, unsure how he went . Gary reckons the coach is dead man walking .

    Anyhow all good this end, take care. Ct

  6. Just lovely! Even with the bit of rain! The Dandie Long Table Lunch is tomorrow and I’m even more “purpled” than the last one I went to. Then we’re off Wednesday. Keep well and enjoy! D&K xox

    • Happy holidays. Hope the Long Table lunch is its usual success.

  7. Thanks for the memories, Please all going well Di

    • Yes, now that the weather is on the improve, it is great to be out and about.

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