Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 6 May 2013

Historic Visits

We have spent the last couple of days visiting the two most famous historical sites in the area – the Palais des Papes in Avignon and the Pont du Gard in Vers-Pont-du-Gard. (We took the following information from the internet and brochures from the two places.)

The Palais des Papes is a historical palace in Avignon and is one of the largest and most important medieval buildings in Europe. Construction was started in 1335 when the popes moved from Rome to France (for about 100 years) and was completed in less than twenty years. When the French Revolution broke out in 1789 it was already in a bad state when it was seized and sacked by revolutionary forces. The Palais was subsequently taken over by the Napoleonic French state for use as a military barracks and prison. It was only vacated in 1906, when it became a national museum. It has been under constant restoration ever since. The Pont St Benezet was the link across the Rhone River to other papal buildings and has been partially destroyed by floods over the centuries.

The Pont du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct which was built in the 1st century AD, and is the highest of all Roman aqueduct bridges. It has three tiers of arches, standing 48.8 m (160 ft) high and was an engineering feat for its time. After the collapse of the Roman Empire and the aqueduct’s fall into disuse, the Pont du Gard remained largely intact due to the importance of its secondary function as a toll bridge for the local lords and bishops who were responsible for its upkeep in exchange for the right to levy tolls on travellers using it to cross the river.


  1. To all the footy Tragics Those on holidays and others waiting for rain  .Something to make you smile Love jackie

  2. Dear Jim & Kerry, Had drinks with Deb and Kevin on Monday and Tuesday just past as they were supposed to set out on Wednesday morn. The weather set in and kept them waiting until Thursday. Wind rain and power out. The usual Jurien weather. Love Robin R.

  3. Dear Kerry and Jim Thank you for sending all those wonderful photos and stories Do hope you are having a Great time but I am sure you are living your dream.All well in Perth we are just waiting for some rain and it looks like we will get some this evening.We will be travelling in July but I don,t think I am computor savy enough to send on what we will be up to but I am enjoying your adventure Lots of Love jackie and Peter 

    • Look forward to hearing all about your travels when we return to WA.

  4. That looks amazing Kerry, Your photos are totally doing the place justice. Have you thought about writing a travel book about your experience. I think that it would be a big hit.

    Love Andrea

    • Very interesting places as their history dates so far back.

  5. Hi Kerry and Jim , nice to see you all touring the country side and enjoying such. The Eagles played better on Sunday, Nic Nat made a huge difference, increased the confidence enormously . Wellingham also played and was outstanding as well. We have Brisbane this weekend, that game will define our season for sure. Jammie played WAFL and didnt have any influence at all, a bit disappointing, but it was hes first game for East Perth. He need now to influence a game more and utlise hes skills he has, he needs to be confident and take some risks now with hes footy JUST GO FOR IT . My mother has a Op yesterday and had some repairs to some arteries, all good now. Had three minor heart attacks unfortuanely, but is fit as a fiddle now. They are still going to Exmouth so all good. Anyhow take care CT

    • Just wait until you see the wines!

  6. Hi Jim & Kerry

    As usual it is really great to get your e-mails,they are so interesting,very impressed,anyway the photos were also great. Only news today is,we had a lovely time at the Long Table Lunch, there was so much colour.It was held at Cervantes and they did a wonderful job of organising the day.The company,food and ofcourse a few drinkies,they were all wonderful and the entire day was terrefic.We went on Laurie Baileys Bus,so that made the day even better. We are off to Perth today,Mike has to have his normal eye check,so far so good.We are staying at Brendons and visiting my brother Reg and partner Marie who is horribly sick with lung cancer,but she doesen’t complain too much,one brave lady,she must be at least 75 or more,loved her cigarettes and a few drinks,so she has enjoyed a good life but it still isn’t fair,life is a bitch sometimes. Nether the less Mike and the family are enjoying life,so things aren’t too bad for us. Mike has been re-tiling the bathroom,it looks great,it will be even better when its finished,no hurry. Well thats about all for now,take care,and keep on enjoying life. Love Jean and Mike xxoo

    • Thanks for the update Jean & Mike – hope all goes well with the eye specialist.

  7. I see you worked out the gallery. It looks great.

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