Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 7 May 2013


Whilst we have been sampling a few wines each evening, we hadn’t actually been out and visited any of the cellar doors. I am happy to say that has been rectified.

Having spent yesterday in the appellation area of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (about 70km away) we are pleased to report that they met all our expectations and can recommend that if you are considering visiting the area you will not be disappointed. Jim was in his element.

As well as visiting some of the wineries we also did a vineyard walk and took in the scenery of the area.

We wandered through the wine museum.

And finally the evidence. These are our most recent purchases of local French wines.


These are from other areas of France.


And this is the remains of our early sampling.



  1. Sample all you like! When are you really going to get a skin full?

  2. FINALLY! A bottle (or a few) on display. Well done.
    You have encouraged us to crack a Charles Melton Nine Popes in your (and your locations) honour….we too will enjoy.
    Good to hear your having a great time.
    Cheers Heather and Tony

    • What an appropriate choice, well done. Trust is was very enjoyable. Was that a recent purchase from the SA trip?

      • It was excellent and no not the most recent SA trip, we managed to keep a few from the trip with the both of you.

      • Gee, very restrained!!

  3. Just remember which side of the road you’re meant to drive on after sampling all that lovely vino – enjoy xx Trish

    • Trish, I have to trust Jim was on the “right” side of the road – I was snoozing!

  4. Hi Kerry & Jim,
    Thanks for your last e-mail,It sure is a beautiful place.
    Have a drink on us. Glad to see you both so happy. Keep enjoying.
    Love Jean & Mikexxxxoooo

    • Cheers…Jean & Mike (I had my glass raised as I typed cheers.)

  5. Hi Kerry & Jim,
    Loved your last e-mail and photos.It sure is a beautiful Place.Glad you are still enjoying yourselves.
    Love Jean & Mike

  6. Great pics and looks like you are accumulating a nice little collection.
    All is well at home. Had 19mm yesterday and another 12mm today. Couldn’t be better. Ernie is going well. He wants to stay in own home, getting meals on wheels and seems to be going well at the moment. First week nobody has been staying with him – we ring each day. Enjoy!

  7. A bottle each night each so you’ve only been there 12.5 nights? We thought it was longer. G & H

    • Fortunately/unfortunately Kerry out of action for nearly three weeks with bad cold. Even she had to give it up!!!

  8. Half you luck , sounds like it is going well.
    Daow , I and the kids send our love. xxxxx Enjoy

    • Yes Geoff, no problems so far. Both well and having a great time.

  9. This is definitely more serious sight seeing. LIttle different to wandering into the embroidery/fabric shops!! JT

    • Speaking of which, I found a lovely little needlework shop in Avignon the other day. Always a sucker for such shops!

  10. I knew I was onto the right going away present when I ordered the bendigo wine glasses and wine cooler, less than 8 weeks to go until we leave.

    • Very good choice. See you soon.

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