Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 11 May 2013

Vintage Machinery Display

This morning we went to Malaucene, about 30km from La Roche-sur-la-Buis, to attend their vintage machinery display.

It was mostly about tractors, but it had some harvesters, trucks, motor bikes and other miscellaneous machinery as well.

There were the old favourites we see in Australia, such as Massey, International and Lance Bulldogs, plus a range of European models that we are not familiar with. Note the shiny red Porsche.

We couldn’t help but notice the gathering of older farmers – although we could not understand the conversations we suspect they were discussing everything from the unusual weather we are having to the price of their produce, whether it be grapes, olives or other crops.

Here is a snapshot of the display.

Don’t you love the French beret!


  1. Kerry & Jim,
    Love hearing from you,glad you are having such a wonderful holiday,sure do miss you both. All is going well in Jurien Bay.

  2. Hi Jim & Kerry

    Just love your blog and would have loved to have been at the vintage machinery display. I now have six vintage and classic motor bikes that I have restored. Two old BMW’s (1958 & 1962) Six cylinder Honda (1979) Honda CB750 (1969) three Honda CB750 (1972). I am enjoying bringing them back to original condition which includes a complete strip down including engine and gearbox and then rebuild them from scratch. The things one does in retirem,ent. Can’t wait to get to France and do what you guys are doing.

    Keep well and keep on enjoying


    Dave & Di

    PS Our venture to Barossa Valley with Campbells and Olsons is only a couple of weeks away !! Hope the liver can hold up.

    • We were thinking of you when we took the photos, particularly the Hondamatic. You would have really enjoyed the displays.

  3. Hi guys, amazing to see an old Grey Fergie in France…how good are those bikes, would not mind a spin around the block on one of them….great stuff and looks mlike the weather is on the up

    • Yes, getting some nice days now with a rainy day every now and then. Much improved.

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