Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 12 May 2013

Brantes For Lunch

Well, we thought we had seen some beautiful scenery and villages on our travels but today was another highlight.

We went to the medieval village of Brantes for lunch, only 20 km from our village. It sits high up on a rocky slope and looks down on the Toulourenc Valley and the north face of Mont Ventoux.

The village, the views and lunch were fantastic. I hope you enjoy the day with us.

Firstly, a stroll around the village.














Then to lunch at La Poterne. The simple entry hides the magnificent views.







Kerry’s lunch was Vegetable Tart with Goats Cheese and Salad and Warm Chocolate Pudding.
Jim’s lunch was Mushroom Omelette with Salad and Warm Chestnut Tart.
Both very delicious!





And to top it off the drive up to Brantes was pretty spectacular on a windy and fairly narrow road. Too narrow to stop to take photos.


  1. What a beautiful place.

    • Yes, everything was lovely there!

  2. Hi K & J, another fantastic blog, food & scenery amazing! Our morning tea was very yummy too, Nell’s legendary date slice & scones! Lunch in downtown Northampton with your mum. Having a relaxing time at the Port, not too many fish have been caught. Look forward to sharing you next spectacular day. Janine, Kris & Fiona xxx

    • Love to you all – missing Mum’s date slice and lamingtons.

  3. Oh yum, chocolate pudding!! Harold (husband) really enjoyed looking at the tractors, especially the bulldog – whatever that is!? JT

    • Chocolate pudding was much better than the bulldog!

  4. Absolutely perfect. Lucky devils. xoxo

    • Yes, it was a great day Trish.

  5. Looks like a nice lunch had including sweets. Still looks cold over there.
    Eagles played a little better this weekend, only just won, they took Jammie as a reserve just in case
    Vicky Is still unsure if she will travel to see you

    All good this end, good rains last week. CT

    • Thanks for the update Col. It’s slowly getting warmer.

  6. Fantastic photos Jim and Kerry – beautiful scenery, weather and food!

    • Yes, it was one of those perfect days.

  7. Oh looks lovely, but still no people. lunch looked great. Wish I was there maybe when you get to Italy. Our house is nearly finished inside and am getting mats and finishing stuff now. Xxx talk soon.

  8. Hi Jim and Kerry, thanks for the photos. Really beautiful. Were there people still living in the village? We found places like that but nobody was there. The places were empty. But, I suppose, as you were served lunch there was someone there. We are in Margaret River researching property. Waited too long for winter to arrive in Jurien so we came and found it in Margs. After a week of drissle sunshine is looking attractive again.
    Christine and Graham.

    • Yes, we have noticed that the villages that still have shops seem to have permanent residents and have then lovely gardens and are well maintained. Others, in good locations, appear to have been restored and are weekenders and holiday homes. During the day in the small villages the only sign of life is washing on the line.
      Let us know how you go in MR – it’s an area we are considering as well.

  9. Magnificent! Lunch looked delicious and very healthy!!

    • Yes, every now and then you have to be good!

  10. How absolutely gorgeous!

    • Yes, it was really lovely. Perhaps the only thing missing was snow on Mount Ventoux.

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