Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 17 May 2013

Cotes du Rhone

The village where we are staying is in the Cotes du Rhone appellation wine area of France. Grape vines here cover 84,000 hectares and produce 419 million bottles of wine per year of which 70% is exported. So, imagine how much wine is produced in France when you consider all the other wine producing regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace and so on.

Anyway, the first winery we visited was Beaufort du Ventoux near Melaucene. It was a great introduction to the local cellar doors. We were surprised when a monk pulled up outside, wheeled in his 20 ltr plastic containers and refilled directly from the taps/hoses in the tasting area, bowser style.

The villages of Violes, Rasteau, Vacqueyras, Sablet, Seguret and Roaix (within about 40km from home) are surrounded by vineyards and all have great wines at very reasonable prices, ranging from €5 for your everyday quaffer to €15-20 for the premiums. We have found that the quaffers, both red and white, are very good quality and their is a huge selection, although predominantly red.

Cave de Rasteau is a new and modern outlet that sells it’s own wines and well as those from other wineries in the village. (For the wine buffs, the village has its own appellation.)


Vignerons de Caractere, in Vacqueyras, is another new outlet and also sells its own wines plus those from the region.

The two photos directly above show the “bowser” meters for bulk purchases.

This is just a snapshot of the area as there are far to many to visit and photograph.


  1. No wonder the French live long…their all pickled…not that there is anything wrong with that!
    Looks like fun….keep on enjoying.
    H & T

    • Pickled on very good wine at that.

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