Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 21 May 2013

Mobile connection in France

We know a couple of you are travelling to France later in the year so thought this might be helpful as an option to solving your mobile phone connection dilemma.

The problem is, if you purchase a mobile plan here, that all menu and help options are of course in French, making it very difficult to access any of the features. French mobile operator Transatel now has a service called LeFrenchMobile. This French Prepaid SIM card is entirely in English and dedicated to English speaking people coming to France and offers good rates for text and phone calls to Australia. The same rates apply whether you are phoning a mobile or landline (from France only). This option, which we chose, is so much cheaper than using the roaming service on your Australian mobile plan.

The ‘check your balance’ and ‘top up your account’ functions are also simple.

We did not choose a data component for internet as we have WiFi, however it is an option if required.

They also have an online chat team that we used and were very helpful in answering our queries.

The downside is that they are an online service only and although it suited us, as we are staying in one place, it would not suit someone who was on the go from the time they arrive in France.

Once you place your order online the Prepaid SIM card is sent to you via post – in our case it took 4 working days to arrive. A couple for their administration and a couple for delivery as we are staying in a little village in the country. If you are arriving into Paris (or anywhere for that matter) and staying for a few days you could perhaps order before leaving Australia and have it sent to your hotel.

Of course this means that you will receive a new French mobile phone number so you will have to advise family and friends of your new number once you receive your SIM in the mail.

The only other administrative requirement is that you provide photo identification, either by sending a photocopy by return post or electronically via email, within 15 days of activating the SIM.

Anyway, just wanted to let travellers know of the option as it has been a great service for us.

Their web site if you are interested is:


  1. I thought you would have been fluent in French by now Merci (madame/monsieur)

    • Just enough to get by Col. Our problem will be changing to Italian soon.

  2. Thanks guys, that will help us next year….lots of trouble when in Paris last year with the phone…managed to get Julie to manage that….not a male thing



    • Yes, we were confused by the whole thing. Glad we found the LeFrenchMobile SIM and we have not had any problems.

  3. Great work Jim and Kerry.

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