Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 29 May 2013

Butterflies, Roses & Irises

Over the past 8 weeks here in France, I have been taking photos of butterflies, roses and irises. Jim has been very patient as I chase butterflies and bugs across fields and along trails (they move faster than me) or wait for the wind to stop so I can take photos of the roses and iris, and all without a grumble. Here is a look at some of the photos.

The butterflies were especially prolific on our mountain walks and in the fields as the spring flowers started to appear.

Iris grow everywhere; in gardens and on the road verges and seem to be like a wildflower here. Their colours are diverse, ranging from brilliant white/yellows, deep brown/burgundy’s and mauve/purples.

Roses are coming into bloom at the moment and most of them have such beautiful perfumes. The climbing roses just seem to appear out of the paving – don’t know how they survive.

Everything is just beautiful!


  1. The photographs are gorgeous. Thanks Jim for being patient. I wonder who took the pics of yachts/boats (?). Money on water! Robin

    • Robin, I have already started my Italian butterfly collection.

  2. Oh so very pretty and Harold and I both enjoyed seeing the irises and the old fashioned climbing roses are glorious – just the right climate obviously.
    Julie T.

    • Julie, on the older climbing roses the perfumes are so strong. Just glorious.

  3. Great photos. Despite the crummy weather the flowers are growing well.

    • Yes, they all took a bit of a beating after the last storm about a week ago. Hope they can recover.

  4. Beautiful Kerry – David Attenborough has been on the phone he wants to know if your available for his next gig – somewhere close to the Town of Vincent I think.

  5. Your photos are so pretty and colourful. Jim is a very patient person anyway. He probably thinks sometimes you are away with the fairies and the butterflies. Just joking. You sound like you are having a ball.

    • Well, that made Jim laugh. Trust all is good in Jurien Bay.

  6. You sound so happy, relaxed and content! Rx

  7. You are both obviously connecting to the environmental surrounds and getting consumed by the beauty of nature CT

    • Jim said it is the wine that gets us in the mood!

  8. Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to get to France but will make sure we catch up with you both before leaving Aus.

    • You will love it and we look forward to catching up.

  9. They are stunning, and so much colour.

    • Yes, they were just beautiful.

  10. Hi Kerry, your efforts are certainly rewarded. The photos are beautiful.

    • Thanks Christine. All good fun.

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