Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 16 June 2013

Weekend Warriors!

As summer approaches, it was 32 deg here today, more and more festivals and events are being organised in the villages.

This weekend we attended two events; the tug-of-war in a nearby village (about 1.2 km away) and then the medieval archery competition in La Villa the main village of Bagni di Lucca. Both were really different but unfortunately not well patronised. Such a shame as they were both a great idea.

Saturday was the tug-of-war in Chifenti. Although we didn’t get to see the villages in the tug-of-war (as we were going out to dinner with Gary & Pauline from Qld) and it was running late, we did watch the demo from the “Black Bulls” from nearby village of Camaiore.


Unfortunately ‘bum cracks’ are the same in any language!


The band from Borgo a Mozzano were playing inspiring music for the boys!


Today we attended the medieval archery competition in La Villa. What a colourful event. The local team is apparently right up their with other teams from all over Italy.

The costumes were amazing.

The archery accurate.

The cannon very loud.

But the hats take the prize!


  1. Thank you both for such great photos you at having an amazing time and I am loving the stories and feel I am with you so different from here on the farm and cold weather looking forward to some rain lots of love the Carters

    Jackie carter 08 95731556

    • Weather here much warmer now than The Lakes. 35 Deg today and after all the lousy days we have had it feels like 45 Deg.

  2. Hi Kerry

    We have a couple of really cold days here, I’m so jealous of your perfect sunshine and what seem like a lack of wind. I must compliment your photographic skills particularly the crack, we all had a chuckle here. It is fun to check out your adventures, I’m really enjoying the colour and texture. If I win this Saturday Dave and I would glad volunteer as chef and cleaner.

    Missing you and your smiles

    Love Angi

  3. Glad to hear the weather has improved and sounds like you are having a great time. Rachel turned 5 yesterday , I missed out on the day being in oz , Daow posted some photo’s she had a little gathering at a pool in a resort.
    Have fun. xx

    • The weather is certainly getting warmer. Will be check out the photos on Facebook.

  4. Jim, was that you in one of the costumes ???
    Looking for rain this end, getting dry
    Jamie play forecast perth and was in the best on ground , not ready for eagles though
    I am sending you another cook , cleaner,washer in early September to assist you both, but be aware she drinks a little and likes spending take care guys ct

    • If it hadn’t been so hot I think Jim would have loved to try one of the costumes.

  5. What fantastic fun! And how lucky were we to be here at the right time! Your photos of the events are great Kerry! Gary is very jealous you managed to get the flash coming out of the cannon! Lovely meeting you and Jim- enjoy the rest of your holiday
    Pauline & Gary

    • Thanks for a great day! Glad you eventually found the park and also thanks for the photos on the email. They are great.

  6. My 2 posts will be up tomorrow. Great minds think alike…I have some of the same photos, but I missed the bum crack…damn!

    • Loved you posts Debra. Talk soon.

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