Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 18 June 2013

Casa Debbio at Vergemoli

We were very fortunate to be invited up to Debra’s house in the mountains for two visit in the past weeks.

The first was to christen the new BBQ – but it rained all day and so we didn’t get a chance to experience the beautiful mountainous countryside. However, we went up again Friday evening and stayed the night. What a fabulous setting!

This is part of the very windy 7km road up to Vergemoli. Makes for an interesting drive!


As there were roadworks imminent between the village of Vergemoli and the road into Casa Debbio we decided to park in the village and walk the last 10 minutes. That in itself was a lovely experience as the music man of Vergemoli was playing his music. He lives down in the valley and has about 100 speakers around his house and when the mood takes him, he likes to play classical, tango or accordion music. Even though his house is down below Casa Debbio the music travels for miles – resounding throughout the valley.

The house was been completely rebuilt and is ready for the holiday rental season this summer.

The night sky was filled with ‘fire flies’ which are very small insects that produce a flashing light through a chemical process. Unable to photograph the fire flies but the moon was lovely.


The BBQ worked very well for dinner and Jim cooked us brekky in the morning.

While were were there the final touches were being added to the garden by the very handsome landscape gardener Bardhi.


If you are coming to Italy and would like to rent a beautiful peaceful country house, contact Debra via her blog page ‘Bagni di Lucca & Beyond’.


  1. Beautiful location. Not sure I would handle the road unless I had my head out of the car getting fresh air!

    • The road certainly was a challenge, especially from the passengers seat.

  2. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing. It that wild strawberry’s I see?

    • Yes, only small ones, but I think the little critters get them before Debra can.

  3. Great pictures, and what a beautiful place to live. Keep sending the photo’s , it’s like being there with you.

    Kay & Gordon

    • Thanks, plenty of beautiful things to photograph over here.

  4. I just love the mountain drive and the Casa is quite wonderful. Continue to send these excellent pics. Love Robin

    • Yes, such a beautiful place to stay, so peaceful.

  5. Wow, makes me think of all those old movies where they are scooting down roads such as these in a roofless red sportscar wearing dark sunnies and a head scarf.
    PS: Unsure if Andrea has told you, but she is now a member of the Country Arts WA Board. Now thats a feather in her cap!

    • I know what you mean – it really is beautiful. Congratulations Andrea!

  6. No wonder you wanted to stay the night,wine and windy roads do not go together. Glad you are both enjoying your trip of a lifetime

    Robert and kris

    Sent from my iPad

    • Particularly these windy roads. Blind spots on several corners make for any interesting drive!

  7. In the photos it looks like a good track to cycle on. All good this end, the cooks all booked now to arrive early sept

    • Hope she intends to cook here as well!

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