Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 21 June 2013

Florence was hot

We have recently been over to Florence for a couple of days and boy was it hot. The temperature was up into the high 30’s for the two days we spent there but fortunately it did cool off at night. European cities are not the place to be when the temperature rises! But Florence would be beautiful at almost any time.

It’s about 100 km away from our village and we went over to catch up with Anthony, Serena’s (our niece) boyfriend, who is travelling through Europe on a 25 day tour. He had already been in the UK for about 10 days and after this tour is going sailing on the Mediterranean in Croatia. It was great to see him and we spent about 5 hours together. He had bought us Vegemite so we can now slap it on again as we know we have another supply coming in mid July with Janet & Dean. It’s the only foody thing we really miss from home.

Lunch with Anthony in Florence

Lunch with Anthony in Florence

We stayed at Hotel Scoti which is a small private hotel in central Florence on Via Tornabuoni in the fashion area of the city and an easy walk from the train/bus station and all the central city sights.

The 16th century building features some 17th century floor-to-ceiling frescoes in the living room which are beautiful. The only thing not hand painted is the chandelier.

The entrance to the building also has a frescoed ceiling and has been operating as a hotel since the late 1800s. As with many of these older buildings the lifts are very small, as you can see from the floor space photo, so luckily we were travelling light.

All around us were the high end fashion shops. Here is a his and her look at current fashions. Shoes for the men and a dress for the ladies.

The lovely city of Florence is full of history.

The Ponte Vecchio was most likely built in Roman times, but rebuilt in 1333 after fire destroyed most of the bridge. It was the only bridge in Florence not to be bombed during WW11.


The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo) was begun in 1296 and completed in 1436 of white, pink and green marble. It is an enormous building and dominates the landscape.

The Palazzo Vecchio (the town hall) is surrounded by statues, the most famous being the replica of ‘David’ by Michelangelo. The original was created in 1504 and is now housed in the Accademia Gallery.

The city is full of statues and frescoes.

We look forward to revisiting Florence and further exploring the city.


  1. Jim the gold shoes are so you. Perhaps a silver jacket to match and you would look right at home at Joondalup Arena. Royals downed East Freo by 3 points in a nail biter. Jamie played on ball and was the hard tag for Rory O’Brien. Not his best effort but the head butt he gave Rory after receiving a shirt front was as good as I have seen. Shame the Ump did not enjoy it and reported Jamie. He might have a rest next week.
    Florence is magnificent – enjoy.

    • I liked the shoes but they didn’t have any in my size. I see Jamie got a week for his little indiscretion.

  2. Beautiful photos. Feel like I am along for the trip! It is inspiring me to visit once retired! Glad to read your vegemite supply is lasting… Love rob

    • Florence is a beautiful city and the museums and art galleries are amazing.

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