Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 23 June 2013

The Fly Fishing Comp

We awoke this morning to voices on the Lima River and remembered that the Fly Fishing Competition was on today, so after brekky we went exploring to watch the art of fly fishing from the local experts.




All the good spots along the river were taken and keen anglers in their wading gear were flicking and baiting, flicking and rebaiting.

Finally we saw a trout being caught.

And doesn’t he look pleased with himself!!


As they weren’t using the colourful flies we associate with fly fishing we were trying to work out the bait, then we took this photo and realised he had a lovely supply of maggots.

This poor fellow must have had a hole in his waders!


The ones that got away.

Don’t know who caught the largest trout but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.


  1. Hi Kerry and Jim.
    Just love fly fishing and the river looks perfect for this event. I would have hoped you would have participated but I couldn’t spot you from the photos.
    Keep on enjoying. Freezing cold and wet in old Sydney town so enjoy the warm weather
    Dave & Di x

    • You can see the trout from the bridges, it is a great sight.

  2. What can I say every day is just magnificent what a wonderful time you both are having keep the photos going we feel we are on holidays with you
    Lots of love Jackie and peter

    • Glad you have enjoying the photos. We are having such a great time taking them.

  3. Looks amazing, would be great to be there.
    Enjoyed the photos of Florence, we too enjoyed Florence best of all!
    Just back from 8 days in Tassie…cool but loved it and will return in the 4WD plus camping gear.
    Julie and Ron

    • Tassie has so many lovely areas. We will have to get back there one day as well.

  4. I thought you would have entered the competition and caught your breakfast early. No rain for June here, heading for the lowest June rainfall ever, not good. Caught up with the mob turday, all as silly as ever, they are coming over for a meal on the 20th July and said they will be sampling your wine to ensure its being stored ok. CT

    • Didn’t have a pair of waders for the freezing cold water!

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