Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 2 July 2013

A morning at Agostino & Carla’s

As we walked up the hill this morning to visit Agostino & Carla the reflections on the Lima River were almost perfect in the glorious sunshine.


The apartment we are renting belongs to Carla’s father who used it as a holiday home. Agostino & Carla live in Holland for much of the year but still have family connections here in Italy. They are a lovely couple and we often share a morning coffee with them at “il Monaco”, our local cafe.

They live high above the village in a stone house they have completely renovated. In these photos it is the grey stone house you can see up in the trees.


Agostino is a very keen gardener and has spent many, many hours re-terracing the property and building new brick walls which he then covers in the local stone. He has repaired the terraces which were in disrepair due to the property previously being vacant for many years. The block is probably a couple of acres in total and is almost straight up and down. In the first photo you can see the terraces above the back of the house. Each terrace is numbered in case you are unsure of how high above the house you are.

The flowering trees, apples and walnuts are in full production although Agostino acknowledges that the squirrels get to feast on most of the fruit.

From the very top of their block looking down you can’t see the roof of their house, as it is so steep and the garden is now established and hiding the house, but just look at the views across the valley.


Another wonderful experience here in Ponte a Serraglio.


  1. The photos are marvelous! Where is the travelator? What a beautiful position but Agostino and Carla must be really fit though. How great to be able to meet ‘the locals’ and enjoy each others company (and speak Italian?!).

    Love Julie T

    • Italian very slowing improving.

  2. Hi Jim & Kerry I’ll bet you have been checking out the Real Estate – looks like the perfect place to relax and just hang out. Love the stonework on Agostino’s restoration. Markets up and down like a yo yo, Aussie and Rates heading south faster than the squirrels have been eating Agostno’s nuts.
    Could do with some of your warm sunshine – finally it is raining here but not where we need it.

  3. Wow, how could one not feel relaxed and happy living in such an idyllic setting! I would love to wake up to such a vista each morning.

    • The valley view from up there was really lovely. Everything is so green at the moment.

  4. Jim, Tutty said no rain until the middle of the month but it is today!!!! And he is the weather guru???

    Looking forward to checking out your wines on the 20th too and I will make an exception and have a red just to make sure they remain ok.

    All the guys are in good health and looking forward to AFL Grand Final day at Laurie’s on the 28th September. Sad but it does not look like the Eagles will be there and going to be tough for them to even make the 8 from here.

    You are having the good life by the sounds of things and good to chat yesterday. Keep the blogs coming.


    • All weather men are unreliable!!!!

  5. Hi Jim & Kerry. The scenery is absolutely magic. You have taken some excellent photos JIM !! It would be so rewarding meeting such lovely local people.
    Love Dave & Di

    • We have taken so many photos – the computer will be overloaded soon.

  6. Beautiful! Count down on for the move but I have only packed 1 box! Busy organising school carnival again for next years. If you go to any markets festivals and see ideas which I could use here let me know. I am looking for different ideas for our country carni in 2014. Rob x

    • Rob, will keep my eyes open for anything different.

  7. Jim, you left the door open in your commentary for me to ask the question : “With the flowering trees, apples and walnuts are in full production although Agostino acknowledges that the squirrels get to feast on most of the fruit.” Jim, have you been feasting on the fruit like the squirrels ?????

    I just had to ask that

    Still no rain down under since the 10 th May of any value , it’s been the second driest June in perth with most of Kwinana and Geraldton sites receiving only 5-8 mm for June, also there is no sign if any rain in July yet until we get to the middle of the month, it’s not good
    Both Esperance and Albany are looking to have a average season
    All the Saturday crew are over on the 20th, we have made a decision to check your wines to ensure they are ok and we will taste ten different bottles to make sure storage life is ok, we think you will appreciate what we are doing for you here

    Other than that the boys are still talking crap each Saturday , there has been lots to debate, the economy, eagles, Rudd , Share Market decline and the odd comment from Brian about buying a new house , oops , he’s thinking about it

    All good down under

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