Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 3 July 2013

Our Permesso di Soggiorno has been granted

On the 21st March, with our friend Debra, we headed of to Lucca to submit our documentation for our Permesso di Soggiorno which grants us temporary residency status here in Italy. It is in addition to the Visa that was granted before we left Australia. This is only a requirement if you are visiting the EU for more than 90 days in any 180 days. Without completing this process you could be considered an illegal immigrant and deported should anything go wrong.

It involves a fairly stressful sequence of events, especially as we didn’t have any Italian language skills to speak of. Without the help of Debra we would have found the whole process almost impossible. Unfortunately there is no ‘to do’ list for this process and Debra has found out all about it during her 10 years of having to go through the process each year.

You have to have your forms filled out in Italian by a recognised agent.

Visit the ‘tabacchi’ to purchase the relevant stamp duty stamps.

Lodge your forms with the post office – who check all the documents and then mail one copy to Rome and one to the local Questura (a division of the police that handles immigration and internal affairs) .

The post office issued us with a receipt, which was precious, as it acknowledges that you have lodged your documentation, and is a legal document until your Permesso is granted.

They also gave us an appointment to present ourselves at the Questura a couple of weeks later. This unfortunately was after our arrival date for France so we drove all the way back to Lucca (8 hours) and attended our meeting. It was then that we were fingerprinted and mug-shot.

While at the Questura Debra was also asked to present some documentation as she was helping us, which she did on her next visit to Lucca.

We then returned to France for your two month stay and on our return to Italy presented ourselves again at the Questura to collect our Permesso, only to find that we had been ‘invited’ to attend a cultural integration course, which was four and a half hours of watching videos.

Dealing with the Questura is like dealing with a group of very scary officials who make you feel like you are guilty even when you are eligible to stay here for an extended time.

All of which has been worth the anxiety as today we were issued with our Permesso di Soggiorno, three and a half months later.

This is Debra who has kindly assisted us through the whole process.


And here we are holding our Permesso’s (mug-shot style – aren’t they shockers!) and also celebrating ‘being legal residences’ over on the coast at Viareggio today.



  1. I would have needed 3 big beers and a large brandy with all the trouble you and Debra have gone through. Anyhow keep sending the beautiful photos love Jackie and Peter

    • Yes, on the days we visited the Questura the alcohol intake did increase. Or that was the excuse anyway.

  2. Congratulations Kerry & Jim….so pleased it finally came through for you!
    Gary & Pauline

  3. Wonderful news! I’m sure it will all be worth the stress and red tape you’ve had to go through. Have a fantastic time!!!

    • I know the process doesn’t sound too bad, but when you are going through it, it really was quite a stressful time.

  4. Congratulations! At last! Things move slowly in Italy, as they do in France, but that is part of the charm . . . .

    • Yes, we are very relaxed now that we have the Permesso.

  5. Congratulations on the Permesso!

    • Thanks again Debra. You have been wonderful!

  6. Yeah , congratulations . That wonderful light in the photo where you are having a drink to celebrate , looks so inviting , it’s been grey here for days, though it’s the driest June on record or some such. Love from all of us xx Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 19:35:02 +0000 To:

    • Yes, it is really lovely over here at the moment. About 26 – 29 deg. most days.

  7. Jim & Kerry, I wish to apoloigise for Dougie’s complete lack of comprehension with repsect to weather and how rainfall impacts on agriculture in WA. The rainfall hes referring to yesterday reached the edge of the Midand district which as you are aware, is 50kms inland from the coast. Dougie still doesnt realise that the crop is planted some 150 kms from the coast, the other side of Northern
    I think he believe’s all our wheat is grown at Midland , the reality is that the rain was minimal with only 7 mm recieved in Perth. Consequently we are still in serious trouble in the West with rainfall being pitfull.

    Jim & kerry, I do sincerely apolgise for Dougie poor comprehension and mis guided comments on the weather here in Perth.

    Now, please get back to that holiday and enjoy

  8. Congratulations!

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