Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 9 July 2013

Knobs & Knockers

During our time here in Italy and France we have been amazed at the variety of different door handles used. We thought you might like to see them!

Some are lovely and fancy, many depict animals and some are quite grand to match the large doors they adorne.

Some you just push.

Some you have to turn the handle.

This one you tingle.

These are the knockers.

And then there are the designer ones.

Many of the doors look very old and are very large, but this one was enormous.


  1. Not sure how I would get in if the door was closed as I would not be able to reach the knocker love all your photos Love jackie

    • Tall folk would be challenged on some of these doors Jackie.

  2. I love these things too…quite a collection.

    • So many little quaint things to photograph.

  3. Beautiful. Just the sort of details I love to photograph. Have been following your blogs with much interest and just a touch of envy. Continue to enjoy.

    • The handles are fascinating – some more worn than others, their size and the doors they are on. Love them.

  4. Hi Jim and Kerry, it is very comforting to know that people, other than ourselves are impressed by the fabulous doors and knockers. what a great collection. Christine & Graham.

    • The doors too are beautiful, but at the end of the day you can’t take a photograph of everything so decided on door handles. Much more interesting than those in Australia.

  5. Hi Jim & Kerry. Quite amazing. Any chance you can bring some of the doors home with you. In John Wayne movies they always made the doorways small to make him look a huge man. The last picture of you standing in the doorway has had the opposite effect that John Wayne achieved.
    Dave & Di

    • It was a huge door into a public building in Genova. Most impressive.

  6. The title knobs and knockers opens the door for some interesting assumptions , anyhow I will refrain from such comments this time. Nevertheless some nice door handles, its obviously been stimulating to one of you in your travels. Light rain last night in perth, but penetration inland very poor again. , another chance Thursday. Cheers. CT

    • Will try and find other interesting items to photograph Col.

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