Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 11 July 2013

Chianti for a day

On Wednesday we set off at 8:30 after breakfast and an early coffee at ‘il Monaco’, with Cherry who joined us for the day, to visit a couple of villages in Chianti; about 2 hours away and to the south of Florence.

The scenery was a quite a change to the area where we are staying. After Florence the terrain changes from mountainous to more gently rolling hills. The vineyards are prolific here and are now covered in new green leaves which look lovely against the background which has started to dry off as summer approaches. There was a haze over the area when we first arrived but by late morning it had cleared and the beautiful Chianti scenery was picture perfect.

Our first stop was the village of Castellina in Chianti where from the church tower you can see the sea on a clear day (but not today). After morning tea we wandered the old streets and enjoyed our stroll.

The ancient village has underground tunnels used to protect the hilltop village from intruders and now contains shops and restaurants. It was well worth the visit.

It was then on to Monteriggioni, a medieval walled hilltop village built around the 12th century. Most of the 14 towers on the fortification wall are still visible and cars have been banned inside to preserve the village.

From here we headed off to find lunch in the countryside. Locanda La Casina di Lilliano, which had a lovely outdoor eating area set amongst the vineyards, was the perfect stop. Lunch was fabulous and the cool breeze very welcome.

Kerry's Walnut & Blue Cheese Ravioli

Kerry’s Walnut & Blue Cheese Ravioli

Jim's Black Butterfly Pasta with Fresh Tuna

Jim’s Black Butterfly Pasta with Fresh Tuna

Cherry's Baked Cod-fish with Potatoes and Tomatoes

Cherry’s Baked Cod-fish with Potatoes and Tomatoes

From lunch it was on to Radda in Chianti for a brief look around. Radda in Chianti is another medieval hilltop village from the 9th century and today has many wineries and is home of the Chianti Classico DOC which is produced in the area.

As has been usual in the afternoons of late, the thunderstorms roll in between 4 and 6 pm and today was no different. The downpour only lasted about 10 minutes but it certainly made driving difficult for a while.



  1. Lovely to talk & ‘see’ you Kerry. Had a very important role that day! Cook assistant! A very nice lunch with the ladies. Enjoying your journey, fantastic pics & stories.
    Fiona x

    • Trust you didn’t get the sack for talking to me! Next time you are at Vicky’s we will do it again.

  2. As always, great photos Jim and Kerry – beautiful scenery.

    • Yes, just beautiful scenery down there.

  3. Chianti is a gorgeous area…so much to see.

    • Looking forward to returning to see more.

  4. Morning guys, you could have called this a arch and window collection , take the food out and look what you can see. Still in Melbourne, heading home shortly. Not long before I send you a freind, a cook, a cleaner and drinking freind CT

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