Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 15 July 2013

Road trip to Modena & the Ferrari Museums

The road trip up through Abetone was such a lovely drive. We weren’t sure what to expect – except that the road wound its way up and over the Apennine Mountains.

The scenery was breathtaking but unfortunately there were very few opportunities to stop and take a photo.

Once we arrived at Abetone we realised that the snow lifts were operating (mostly for mountain bike riders who chair lift up and then cycle down) so decided to take the lift up to one of the peaks at 1892 metres. Little white alpine flowers were in bloom and the views were never ending.

The descent down the other side after Abetone was a much easier drive and the countryside turned into agricultural fields where hay was being cut and bailed and the barley looked ready to harvest.


In one area around Montecenere there were very large homes on rural blocks.

After all the driving on hairpin bends and up and down mountains Jim was ready for the Ferrari Museums at Modena and Maranello plus a bus tour of the test track and factory.

This is the entry to the museum in Modena, which is primarily about the life of Enzo Ferrari and recent Formula 1 history.


The Ferrari is a classic vintage F1 but this museum is not just Ferrari and the Mercedes GT and Maserati were pretty impressive. From up on the higher level the cars almost looked like scalextric models.

Maranello is about 30 minutes out of Modena and this is where the Ferrari factory is situated, along with the museum and the test track.


This museum is all about the Ferrari brand and includes a large selection of their road cars plus an impressive trophy room dedicated to Formula 1.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take a camera on the bus when we toured the test track & factory so I will just have to bore you with that story when we next catch up.


  1. Jim & Kerry
    Di finishes work next week. Italy is looking inviting for the bike ride. Might have to leave Di with you to entertain while I ride as she has stated the days of sitting behind me have passed !!

    Dave & Di

    • Plenty of very nice cafes here. I’m sure she will be fine here with us. Jim would be happy to sit on the back with you.

  2. Hi Jim & Kerry
    Beautiful scenery on this leg of your adventure. Probably should have one of my bikes over there if they have heaps of hairpins !! Loved the Ferrari museum and could spend the day there reading the details of each magnificent machine. I am sure there would be a coffee shop where Di could sit and wait for me. Spent the last four days in Melbourne with Graham and Heather and Tim and Anthony. Tim and Anthony had a concert in Melbourne which is the first of a few they are holding around the country. Excellent concert. Graham said you were a “big Knob” for taking all the photos of knobs. I put him in his place.
    Continue to have fun on your amazing journey. We are jealous. However Di finishes work next week so, world look out here we come.
    Dave & Di

    • Yes we have met a couple of Aussies who garage their Ducati’s over here and come back each year to go touring the mountain roads.

      We are here until the end of November….so think about it.

  3. Great photos and commentary….looks like you’re getting around!

    • Yes we are out and about fairly regularly.

  4. Great photos! The area around Abetone is stunning.

    • It was lovely at this time of the year, but imagine the winter snow would be spectacular.

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