Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 15 July 2013

The Arts in Ponte a Serraglio

This weekend has been a very ‘arty’ weekend here in Ponte a Serraglio.

On Saturday night the opening of the Bagni di Lucca Arts Festival was very well patronised. The festival is held over the summer months with a variety of events organised by a very hard working team.

Traffic was diverted and the Piazza transformed into a dining and bar area for the evening.

A variety of local and international artists were invited to exhibit their works and here is a look at a piece from each artist.

On Sunday “Colori e Sapori” (which translates to Colours and Flavours) was held in the park of Villa Fiori. Artists had to complete their work on the day. Anyone was eligible to enter.

Later in the afternoon 60 completed works were displayed and judged and the winners announced.



  1. One of those pics looks like Jim painting himself. The chops were fantastic by the way, a little over cooked, but tasty for sure

    • You can’t overcook chops Col.

  2. It all looks like great fun. I wish I had been there.

    • It looked as though it was well organised.

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