Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 17 July 2013

A day on the ‘Med’


On Tuesday we set off to visit our friends from Perth, Janet and Dean, who were staying up in Sestri Levanti just north of the Cinque Terre. It was really great to see them and they came bearing gifts – Vegemite! Janet and Jim worked together at Bendigo Bank and they are over here on their annual holidays.

We stayed at Hotel Helvetia which was such a lovely experience. Very nice hotel right on the bay and we were fortunate to have a bay view room.

We arrived in time for morning tea and sat and talked until lunch time. After lunch we went on a boat cruise down the coast to see the Cinque Terre from the water. Beautiful scenery. The vibrant colour of the houses and ocean is a feast for the eyes. It was quite a warm day so the beaches were full of people sun bathing and swimming.

We stopped for one hour in Vernazza, just enough time to have a stroll around the village and enjoy a beer before returning home.

After a swim in the hotel pool we went out to dinner. The waiter took this photo….and I though I had had to much to drink!! Maybe I had upset him somehow!!



  1. Bella, we had four days in the Cinque Terre , staying at Monterosso…beautiful…did the walks and boat trip to the Isle of Capri…your photos bring back fond memories…well done again…the only photo I see of you Jim is with either a beer or vino in hand…enjoying that good life eh!!
    kind regards Julie and Ron

    • Yes the boat cruise was certainly easier than the walk we did last time. As for Jim…..I think he is enjoying himself too much.

  2. The colour of the water is beautiful, we have had 2 to 6 degrees at night and not much better during the day, plus rain for the last week. We are all very envious of you both enjoy that sunshine. Have a OZZO for me please.

    love Andrea & Dave

    • Thats cold. The weather here is about 18 deg overnight and 30ish during the day. Just lovely.

  3. Great to hear Janet & Dean are having a great time. Not long to go now Janet and we are both back at the coal face. Enjoy the rest of your holidays. Jimmy, we are looking forward to viewing your reds at Tutty’s on Saturday.

    Here’s hoping too the Eagles put on a good showing this weekend as they are still in with a very remote chance.


    • If you get into my reds I hope you wake up feeling as shabby as we did after a night on the Limoncello with Janet & Dean.

  4. Wonderful place which brings back great memories for the both of us. Recall having a coffee under the yellow umbrellas over Janet’s right shoulder.
    Keep up the hard work! We’re off to Herron Island to try and catch some of your nice weather after the drowning that Sydney has received this month.
    Love Heather and Tony

    • Hope the weather is better up the coast.

  5. Isn’t it a gorgeous area! I wish I was there.

    • We were lucky it was such a glorious day.

  6. Kerry you forgot to mention the bottle of Limoncello. Had a great night, cheers Janet and Dean

  7. Looks like a lovely spot and the weather was perfect! So pleased to see you are still having such a great time….would have been fun catching up with friends too!

    • Yes it was lovely to catch up with friends from home. We had such a great time with them.

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