Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 20 July 2013


On our way to Pisa yesterday we saw our first crop of sunflowers. What a beautiful sight – brillant yellow and all heads facing the sun.

We are staying in an air-conditioned hotel, Relais Centro Storico, which is in Corso Italia – one of the main streets of Pisa. The Italian flag on the right is the hotel entrance.

As with all tourists we headed off to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and its surrounds. Just a little scary walking up all the steps to the top – you can certainly feel the lean on the way up. Building of the tower commenced in AD 1173 so the stairs are well worn and because the of the lean this bell is almost touching one side of the structure.

We also toured the Cathedral, Baptistry (which also has a slight lean), Cemetery and museums. The stained glass and paintings are lovely and the marble in-lay tiles were beautiful. I can’t imagine how they produced so many tiles with such intricate detail.

We leave for London tomorrow morning. Couldn’t resist the very cheap Ryan Air flights. Will be back in Italy in two weeks but in the meantime we are off to explore the UK.


  1. Give our regards to Prince George
    Dave & Di

  2. So enjoying all your photos and commentary. Have fun in the UK – just in time for the new royal baby! X J

    • Very exciting here – Kate is in hospital!

  3. Hi you travellers! Quick hello from Longreach! Due to the wet coast we moved inland. Still steadily getting colder the further south we go. Magic photos. Enjoy! BOLA Debbie & Kevin

    • Great to hear from you two. How’s the new Colorado going? Probably colder the further from the coast. Enjoy it anyway.

  4. Every picture tells a story and your beautiful photos certainly do – enjoy London but stay away from the Cricket! Bad news on the footy front as well with the Eagles and Dockers simply outplayed by better sides. Jim sorry to tell you South Freo knocked over the Falcons but the Mighty Royals won a stirring game at the home of the Royals – Leederville Oval – I think you may have been there a few times in your youth. Only 30 days to go now before we head off to Sandanavia. Janet arrives back from Melbourne on Saturday. Keep well and continue having fun.

    • Not discussing sport with you at all!
      Trust Janet and the family are well. Enjoy Scandinavia.

  5. Looks great Kerry and Jim…. We had hoped to visit Pisa but ran out of time! Love the sunflower photos! Have a great time in England…..

    • It was such a surprise to see the sunflowers. They were lovely. Hope to see some lavender fields as well.

  6. Goodonya Jim & Kerry.

    Continue enjoying every minute of it!

    Sent from Larry’s iPhone

    • It’s pretty easy to enjoy this….we are having a great time here and are looking forward to the UK.

  7. I think the Piazza dei Miracoli is wonderful. I wasn’t prepared for it to be so beautiful.

    • Unfortunately it is very hot here right now, but we have certainly enjoyed our time here in Pisa.

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