Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 3 August 2013

London….before and after the bus tour

We flew from Pisa to the UK on a flight path that took us over the top of Mont Blanc in the Alps which was very easy to pick out.

We arrived into London’s Stansted Airport on the Monday afternoon of the warmest day for the past 7 years – all of 33.5 degrees. It did actually feel more like 38ish as there was no breeze and it was humid.

The bus from the airport to Stratford was easy – it had Wifi, which was amazing. From there we caught a train to North Greenwich where we were staying as the bus tour picked up from there.

After 4 months in non-english speaking countries and driving on the wrong side of the road it took us a little time to get used to be back to normal. Being able to listen to conversations, listen to the TV and not just watch the picture, and get back on the correct side of the road was all quite comforting.

On Tuesday the weather changed and it rained on and off all day. We went down to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace only to be caught in the heaviest shower of the day so all we saw was umbrellas.

All the news was about the royal baby….and when he finally arrived baby blue appeared everywhere.

We departed on the bus tour and arrived back in to London late Tuesday evening.

We stayed at the Apex City of London Hotel which is only a 2-3 minute walk from Tower Bridge Station. A very good location and the hotel is very nice. Glad we decided to stay here! Friendly staff and a very comfortable hotel.

We spent the last two days exploring London – much to large to see in such a short time. Nevertheless we saw some of the iconic places and walked the river from Tower Bridge to Westminster – and we went to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre near Piccadilly Circus, it was great.

The old….

and the new….London looks prosperous at the moment. Cranes on new buildings everywhere. There is a feeling of confidence here with positive talk about the economy from the politicians & the press.

The visit to Harrods was certainly an eye opener. The building itself is beautifully decorated inside. We mostly looked around the food and wines……take a look at the price of the lamb £50.95. On todays exchange that is about $88 per kg…….and the 5 pack of wine is £14,995, which would be about $26,000……who has that much money??


  1. London is great fun, whatever the weather. You must be back in BdL soon.

    • Back home and getting used to the warmer weather. Thank goodness it cools down of an evening.

  2. Thanks Jim & Kerry, your pics and commentary bring back many memories for Annie & I. You seem to be enjoying it so much you make us feel like going back!

    Please keep sending through the pics and info.

    Larry O’

    • Oh that sound like a great idea! We may see you before we return to Australia.

  3. Hi, I am a little disappointed that you didn’t buy the buy at harrods and at least buy a lamb chop . By the way, lamb chops here were on special this week . We actually won a game of footy yesterday, but only just. Jamie played he’s best four qrt effort for the year, should have kicked a few more goals, but played well . Anyhow take care ct

    • Have found a reasonable supply of lamb here but the chops aren’t quite the same!

  4. Hi guys,
    Sounds like you are both having a ball. We loved the U.K. also,so interesting.
    Thanks for keeping us informed re. your holiday.
    Keep on having fun.All is great in Jurien Bay,weather is just gorgous at the moment. See you again one day.
    Love Jean & Mike xxoo

    • Looking forward to our visit to Jurien Bay on our return to Australia.

  5. Once again,Jim & Kerry You both sound like you are having a BALL!!!!! Isn’t it so much fun in good old London town or the U.K. very relaxing as you know what they are saying and doing.We also loved our visit to England,so interesting,hey. All is fine in JB weather is just gorgous and we hope to get back to fishing in Our boat soon, Anyway thanks for keeping us in the loop concerning your holiday so Take Care and keep on having fun.- Love Jean & Mike xx00

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