Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 4 August 2013

Pubs….and a piercing or two!

One of the things we found interesting on our walks around the cities and towns in the UK was the variety of signs hanging above the doors of the pubs. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to sample a pint in all of them but we did visit a couple. The banks seem to be a well represented – who would have throught!

We saw this lady in Cambridge….she proudly advertised that she had the most pierced face in the world. Ouch!!!


  1. The pubs all look so prosperous also London. Fancy paying that much for lamb. Tomorrow Tuesday 6th we are having roast leg of lamb and chicken to celebrate the birth of George. Same group that celebrated William and Kates wedding. All good fun.

  2. The Gillygate seems to have a WA flavour about it….wonder if they sell Swan Larger

  3. Those pubs look so cheerful. That woman looks terrible!!!!

    • She was a little scary I must say.

  4. Hi, The U.K. what a Place,soooo interesting and very pretty I Loved our visit,just like you two. Hope to get back there one day,maybe. Jean & Mike S. XXXX00000

    • Three days definitely not enough time to see London. Plan for a week or two.

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