Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 10 August 2013

Some Italian things!

Some of the lovely things we have seen here in Italy are certainly worthy of a mention. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do.

Obviously we need to start with the Italian tomatoes. They are not picked until they are ripe and are sold when they are at their best. There is quite a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. All are delicious.

The colour of the night sky in June is amazing, the blues vary so much. The photos are pretty close the the actual colours.

Roof tiles are often weighted down with large stones. It doesn’t seem to matter if the roofs are old or new; the prevailing winds are very strong in some areas and the tiles obviously need the extra weight to hold them in place.

We have seen all sorts of lovely BBQ’s. Some being built, some in use and then there is ours. It came in fire engine red only and smokes a lot but it is great for two!

Washing lines are a thing of beauty here. They are strung up anywhere, usually from on high, and the laundry is proudly displayed for all the world to see. No hiding your ‘Nanna knickers’ here!

When a baby is born the family hang a pink or blue arrangement on the front door or gate to announce to the village whether it is a girl or a boy and the babies name. Here we have two Lorenzo’s, a Chiara and a Caterina. Such a lovely idea.

Many traditional Italian homes have niches which contain religious statues built into their walls, mostly of the Madonna.

And here is a collection of lovely colourful items. A sofa, an assortment of colourful sardine tins, handmade jewellery, flash shoes, umbrellas for sale, lady graters and hand painted tiles. All so beautiful!

I’m sure before we return home I will have collected another lot of photos and will show you some more beautiful Italian things (maybe even some handsome Italian men!)


  1. Just Beautiful Kerry! I think Italy certainly is a feast for the eyes aswell as the tastebuds! Looking at all the pics you post on your blog it ceryainly seems that a typical two week stay in Italy just wouldn’t cut the mustard. I have added a long stay to my Bucket List. Take care.
    Luv Dee

    • Two weeks would give you only a glimpse…..two months would give you a good look around…..but I think two years would be ideal.

  2. Thank you! That brings back memories of what now seems a while ago! Great picsż,

    • Yes, time fly’s doesn’t it. Enjoy Canada.

  3. Hi Jim & Kerry Italian snags and steak on the Barbie – yum. Jim I hope Kerry is not going to drive if she is eyeing off the eye candy! Eagles had a fantastic win over Essendon today by 9 goals. Jamie kicked two including a 60 metre bomb from the boundary line then gave two goal assists just outside the square which helped nail the game. He also collected a big forearm to the jaw from Dustin Fletcher while giving the ball to Mark LeCrae to kick his fifth. Dusty will get 3 weeks. Dockers 19 goal winners over GWS and looking at second place. Only 10 days to go before we head to Europe.
    Regards PJ

    • BBQ’s are good, Eagles were better and have a fantastic holiday.

  4. Kerry, I think I saw your undies hanging on the line in one of those pics

  5. I agree with the previous two comments! You are just so artistic Kerry, I think you have missed your calling or maybe you are finding it at last – such a wonderful montage of photos.

    The Friday Tarts went up to Mundaring (Nathanials’s Rest) to visit the Geraldton lot on Friday. We had a lovely day laughing, Chatting, looking at their sewing projects (even Vicky’s!) and eating of course. Just a tad different to Bagni di Lucca though.

    Love Julie

    • Such lovely things to photograph here. I have trouble containing myself.

  6. Hi Jim & Kerry, Another gorgous lot of photos,we have loved them ALL, Can’t wait to see you both again,it seems like it has been SOOO long.Anyway,Kerry, the new girl working on the Craytales is nearly as good as you,she is very whats the word go go go will do. Love the baby notices on the walls etc. and the bbques,a yummy lot of tomatoes and glad you are still enjoying your well deserved holiday. Keep takeing care of yourselves and thankou again for your updates,they have been so interesting.See you soon,I hope. Lots of Love Jean & Mike xxoo

    CHEERS!!!! -CHEERS!!!

    • Time is flying by here. We will be visiting Jurien before you know it.

  7. Hello Jim and Kerry,

    Enough, I am now very depressed.

    Great photos.



  8. I look forward to the handsome chaps!

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