Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 12 August 2013

Lugliano & Granaiola

From our terrace we can see two hilltop villages above Ponte a Serraglio. They are very different from each other and both have beautiful views.

The village of Lugliano straddles the ridge to the south-west.


There are quite a few beautifully restored homes, some in stone and some rendered. The stonework is so lovely.

The streets are narrow.

The public washhouse building and wash troughs are still in good repair. Nearby one was being used as a garden ornament.

Love the cinghiale (wild boar) tap and the geraniums are in full bloom at the moment. The white flecks on the lavender are butterflies. A family of ginger cats live at the end of the village.

Granaiola to the north is quite different from Lugliano. It is not as colourful and here not as many buildings have been restored.

It has a great restaurant called ‘Birabisso’ which we have eaten at. Sorry there is no food photos so we will have to go back and I will remember to get the camera out next time.

The views of the mountains and down to our village are beautiful. Note the ‘art in the river’ under the bridge. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best day for this photo so I have included a close up taken from the bridge as well. We currently have the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival running and there are many works of art on display but this one in the river is quite unusual.


We have many villages close by so expect more photos soon…..


  1. Hello Jim and Kerry, I have just found your wonderful blog, quite by accident! Do you remember me? I was one of the sculptors in the park in Bagni di Lucca in July – Sarah Danays. Where are both now on your travels? I will be back in Bagni for a couple of weeks in January and then back again for the summer. It’d be simply lovely to see you again. Sending love to you both, Sarah x

    • Hi…yes of course we remember you. So lovely to hear from you. We are back in Western Australia now and are looking forward to the next phase of our life. We will of course be returning to Bagni di Lucca.

  2. Hi Kerry,

    I am still waiting on the blog on Italian men.



  3. Great photos of lovely villages.

  4. Hi Jim & Kerry
    The village on the river is just amazing. Di is now retired so not sure why we are here in not in Italy !!
    Love Dave & Di

  5. Great photo’s and sounds like you are both enjoying summer, the changing landscapes, food and flowers. We love the river art work, quite remarkable, but then you are in Italy. Look forward to you next report.
    Love Kay & Gordon.

    • Yes, the festival attracts some very talented artists. The works in the local gallery’s are amazing.

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