Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 18 August 2013

The two Monti’s

Monti di Villa and Pieve di Monti di Villa are nearby and we love visiting both of these villages. They are only 3 kms apart and both have such a great feel about them.

Firstly, let me show you Monti di Villa. It is the highest of the two at 597 metres above sea level. From up here you feel as though you can see forever. With the mountains and villages off in the distance it is such a peaceful view.

The houses and gardens are lovely at this time of the year.

This delightful lady was sitting quietly preparing her zucchini flowers – I would loved to have asked how she cooked them but unfortunately my Italian does not extend to conversation. Nevertheless I bet they were delicious!


A little further down the mountain Pieve di Monti di Villa is 476 metres above sea level. (I think the name translates to the Parish of Monti di Villa.) It too has a really lovely feel to it and again the views are amazing.

Houses and gardens are lovingly maintained.

And this fruit and vege garden is one to be envious of. Tomatoes, beans, raspberries, apples, pears, grapes and the potatoes had just been dug up and washed….ready for dinner I imagine. Even the wisteria were still in flower.

We had taken a picnic lunch and stopped in a small parking area under the shade of some very tall pine trees.


The weather here is absolutely beautiful at the moment. The daytime temperatures reach about 29-32 deg. and overnight it drops down to about 17-20 deg. making it perfect for getting out and about.


  1. Don’t rub it in! Bloody freezing cold wind for the past week or so and expected to continue!!!!! Looks beautiful. Love the photo of the little old lady with Zucchini flowers.

    • Yes she was lovely. Can’t help that Melbourne weather!

  2. Guys, everything continues to look great.

    However not so here Jim as bad news for you on two counts on the weekend. The Eagles went down to Geelong and in fact looked very ordinary. AND…………..the Sharks devoured the Falcons!!!


    • Football….schmootball….here it Italy it is all soccer. The Falcons will still win the flag!

  3. Guys what amazing pictures….do the Italians know how to live…we can’t wait to get back to Europe….Perth wet and cold….did not do Jurian Bay due to the weather….next time…home Thursuday….think the Campbell Gang are in Noosa for a good while so watch out!

    • There are certainly many lovely villages in this part of the world. Look out Noosa……

  4. Pieve is one of my favourite villages. I think it is very pretty up there.

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