Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 19 August 2013

August is a festive time

Last Thursday was a public holiday here in Italy called Ferragosto. The holiday was originally introduced by Emperor Augustus in 18BC but it is also a significant date in the church celebrating Our Lady of the Assumption. Businesses are closed; only the cafes and restaurants are open.

We had intended to go to a sagra (food festival) just out of Tereglio but unfortunately we missed the turn off on the way there. How lucky were we that we drove past this wonderful restaurant about 2km the other side of Tereglio and decided to eat there. The sagra is on until the weekend so we will try again to find it.

Being a holiday Ristorante da Michele had a set menu and we joined about 90 others (I think all Italian families) celebrating the holiday.

The food was fabulous. We had antipasto, followed by pasta, then roast chicken, a pork rib, sausage and roast beef with salad and roast potatoes and sformato (a flat savoury soufflé) and then dessert. Excellent.

Oh dear, you can see who was driving.

So on Sunday we decided to head back and find this sagra, with more success this time. It was held in a nature reserve called ‘Orrido di Botri’ up in the mountains. In the first photograph you can see the road winding its way up the mountain.


The scenery was again beautiful and we dined on the banks of a little meandering stream.

Our menu was pasta al sugo di cinghiale (pasta in wild boar sauce) and bistecca di manzo alla griglia (grilled beef steak) and it came with chips and a soft drink.

I could not resist chasing these couple of butterflies….

….and afterwards wished we had bought a couple of chairs with us to take a well deserved rest.



  1. The two of you are having my kind of holiday.. eating your way around the countryside … only your holiday is a lot longer than any of mine … I would having to buy larger clothes by now. Enjoy xx

    • Its been great Trish and the belt is getting a bit tight – we keep promising ourselves we will start walking…….

  2. It all looks absolutely gorgous,very relaxing and colourful. Love your e-mails. Love Jean

    • Thanks Jean. We are having fun doing the blogs.

  3. How many courses? Sounds and looks fantastic, and I think you should have walked up the mountain on day 2 before hitting the food trough again – just jealous! At least you chased a butterfly, I suppose that counts for deserts. One question Jim, did you finish the bottle of red? Silly question I’m guessing. Keep sending the reports.

    • Oh, it was very good and no he didn’t finish the wine – he had to drive back down the mountain.

  4. Wow! I can’t begin to imagine how you will ever adjust back to good old Aussie food ever again! Every time you post food photos I am so so so jealous! I wish we could by good salamis etc here.

    • Food is certainly a highlight for us.

  5. It all looks great…lucky you!

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