Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 25 August 2013

Changing seasons in Forte dei Marmi

We have visited Forte dei Marmi a few times so far and seen it as the seasons have changed.

It is a very popular holiday area for wealthy Italians, particularly from Milan as it is only 2 hours away. There are many lovely homes but it is the beaches that I wanted to show you today.

When we arrived in March the winter had taken its toll on the beaches. There were branches all along the coast which had been piled up after a storm.




We returned in June just as they were preparing for the onslaught of holiday makers. All the beaches had been cleaned up and the chairs and umbrellas were out but only a handful of visitors to use them.




August being holiday month we expected the beaches to be full and we were right. There are people everywhere and the colourful beach umbrellas now brighten the shores as well as all the beach goers.





Summer has also bought the luxury boats, little yachts, jellyfish…..




But the constant is the marble mountains in the background. It looks very much like snow but Forte dei Marmi is very close to Carrara the renowned marble mine where Michelangelo sourced most of his marble from. We get Carrara marble in Australia which is used mostly for benchtops and bathroom tiles, I think.





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  2. Love your post Kerry and Jim… Brought back oh so recent memories… We visited this area twice while we were there in 11 days… One day in the pouring rain and the other in brilliant sunshine! Enjoying your posts…you are certainly making the most of your time there!

    • It is just one of those places, we want to keep going back to seek out more.

  3. GOODMORNING FROM W.A. JEAN & MIKE More very interesting and beautiful photos,thanks again. Bye for now Your mates Jean & Mike xxoo

    • So many lovely things to photograph here. I have taken thousands of photos.

  4. I have never seen the beach crowded in summer. I am usually there in winter and early spring when they are deserted.

    • There were people everywhere – sun baking, swimming and just standing on the beach looking at the water! Maybe they aren’t so keen of swimming – they just want to get a tan.

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