Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 25 August 2013

Overnight Thunderstorm

We have just experienced our first thunderstorm for the season and what a beauty. The lightning, thunder and rain lasted a couple of hours. You have to hear the noise of the thunder rolling through the mountains to believe it!

I just happened to take these photos of the river a couple of days ago. It was a lovely still morning and the river was quite dry.




This morning we have awoken to a gloomy day and brown river that has risen quite considerably, over a metre at least. Not sure how much rain we have had but it must be quite a lot.






Perhaps it is the beginning of the season changing.


  1. Wow…what a change!

    • Yes, even the noise level has risen.

  2. I love those thunder storms that roll through the mountains. It is amazing how quickly the river comes up.

    • Yes, you wouldn’t want to be afraid of the thunder and lightning.

  3. Send that water over here, chops again tonight, yum yum

    • Already the river is dropping so think it will subside very quickly.

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