Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 30 August 2013

Pienza in Chianti

On this trip to the Chianti region we visited Pienza, possibly one the most beautiful villages in Tuscany (although I am sure many others lay claim to this as well). It is in the valley called Val d’Orcia which is south of Siena and both the village and the entire valley are listed by UNECSO.

The village is perched up high and commands beautiful views.


Most of the public buildings in the village have been restored and the narrow streets are lined with beautiful homes with potted gardens on display.

They produce wonderful cheese in the area.

And I couldn’t resist showing you these lovely ladies who are on display around the village.

Since our last visit to the area summer has arrived and the green fields have dried and ploughing has begun for the next crop. Only the grape vines remain green and the grapes look ready to pick.

Click here to view our last visit to Chianti.


  1. I love Pienza…one of my favourites.

    • Worth another visit I think.

  2. Hi Jim and Kerry

    The farming country looks terrific. Was that a Fiat crawler tractor I saw ploughing the fields. The village life and housing looks magnificent

    Dave & Di

    • Yes, such small machinery for the job. It would be working very hard to turn over the clay.

  3. Love the red shorts Jimmy.

    They should look good at Yokine!

  4. The packing has started this end, looks like 34 kilos at least, OMG
    We have had a good August from a rain perspective although it won’t assist the Geraldton zone as its too late
    Anyhow , please look after by cook, cleaner etc

    • She will be in good hands……you know me!!!!

  5. Gorgous photos,beautiful village

    • The Chianti area is just beautiful.

  6. Agree! A truly beautiful village! Great photos …

    • Even the trip down is lovely.

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