Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 24 September 2013

Cinque Terra then Lucca Hospital

The weather was absolutely fabulous on Monday so we decided to head over to the coast and show Vicky the Cinque Terra, which is only one and a half hours drive from Ponte a Serraglio.

We arrived in La Spezia to catch the ferry which takes you up the coast with only a short time to spare so we were pretty rushed to get to the ferry. That is when the ‘guttzer’ happened. One minute we were hurrying along the footpath and the next we had one down for the count. She hit the paving pretty hard, picked herself up and while still rushing for the ferry, tried to stop the bleeding. Anyway Vicky battled on for the day to see the Cinque Terra at its best. The water was calm and the temperature climbed to about 29˚ – it was the best day.

The ferry stopped at all the villages on the way up and although we have been there a couple of times before it was Vicky’s first trip and she was amazed by the beauty of the villages. Here are just some of the photos of the coastline, Mediterranean and villages for you to see. If you are coming to Italy it is one to add to the list of places to visit.

The Mediterranean and the coastline are just beautiful.


Our first stop was at the beautiful village of Portovenere where we patched up the patient and had a stroll around.


It was then on to the Cinque Terra villages.









and Monterosso which is split in two and joined by a tunnel.



They villages are all lovely and the ferry was a great way to see them.


Once sightseeing was over we decided it was necessary to take the patient to the Lucca Hospital on the way home to have her elbow stitched – it looked pretty terrible. The experience was much the same as any hospital emergency area, watching all the comings and goings while waiting patiently to be attended to. Only had to wait for 2 hours – not bad.


Not one to be held back by a flesh wound we have been out to lunch today and she had no trouble eating or drinking – thank goodness!


  1. Loving the Holiday Pics’ what wonderful memories you are making 🙂

    • Thanks Denise. Once in a lifetime opportunity for us to be able to spent this much time here.

  2. Great shots again…we did the walk from Monterosso…a rugged walk to say the least, but really worth it…a really amazing area..enjoy

    • Yes it is a strenuous walk but well worth the effort. We did the full walk last time we were there (about 5 years ago). Was lovely to see from the boat as well.

  3. Jim, you would be pretty happy with West Perth getting over the line on Sunday!


  4. Tough Tutty! (sounds familiar?)

  5. Oh Gosh, Vicky, poor you. It could have been worse though, thankgoodness it wasn’t you, Kerry, or Jim! Just kidding.
    Beautiful photos and it looks like you are all enjoying the family time in the lovely sunshine.
    Awful weather here.
    No more running now, take care.
    Love Julie T

    • Vicky is holding up well and we have both given up jogging to anything – except maybe food or drink!

  6. Fun in the sun, we are really enjoying your visit to ‘the med’ the photo’s, food , wine, sun … What fun. Have you signed a book deal yet?

    • We have been lucky since Vicky arrived. The weather has been great.

  7. Absolutely fantastic photos and despite the wounded one, you all had a great day. The scenery is just lovely and no wonder you have been enjoying it there. I’m totally over red dust!! It was so good to arrive home Friday 20th. Had friends come round for age-increase party on Monday and we all ate and drank too much. Now bowls will soon start so we’ll be home for a while. Keep enjoying your time there!! Love & best wishes, Debbie

    • Enjoy being back in Jurien. Hope the weather starts to slowly improve over there.

  8. What a fantastic day weather wise to visit – looked amazing! Truly a beautiful, especially on such a day! Hope the “patient” has healed well!

    • Well on the way to recovery. We have been to Florence today.

  9. What a horrible thing to happen on holidays. I am so pleased that you all carried on and then also had the interesting experience of visiting an Italian hospital. All adds to the flavour of travel memories.
    I love the photo of Riomaggiore ( I think) and haved saved it in print as grist for my mill. Love Robin

    • She was a trooper! Look forward to seeing the painting.

  10. Now thats she is restricted in the house duties, Kerry, you need to increase her rent

    • Don’t worry Col she can still eat, drink and shop!

  11. G’day Jim and Kerry

    We are disappointed we did not get to Cinque Terra when we were in Italy last year. It looks fantastic and I can’t believe the Mediterranean is so calm along this coastline.

    Dave & Di

    • Unfortunately you can’t do everything on these trips.

  12. Great post (except for the gutzer) The best way to see Cinque Terre is definitely from the sea.

    • Yes especially on such a perfect day.

  13. What a bugger – go all that way to enjoy, and fall flat on your face – poor Vicky!!

    But what a great place to do it!

    We stayed in Monterosso, walked down the path and through the other 4 Cinque Terra towns for the day, before taking the train back to Monterosso for a 2nd nite. A great experience.

    Now Lucca, that’s another story! As the driver, I was fined for driving through 2 restricted zones – 2 separate fines received in the mail when we got back to Aussie!

    Keep on enjoying all of it!!,!

    Sent from Larry’s iPad


    • I’m glad the train door opened when you got to Monterosso (unlike Stresa). Have heard the fines are pretty expensive as well!

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