Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 28 September 2013

Autumn’s treasures

Early autumn is proving a lovely time to be here in Bagni di Lucca. The weather has been great, about 23˚ to 29˚, and we have only had a couple of days of rain.

We were very excited the other day when we saw our first deer in the wild. It was late afternoon and the deer was quite happy to watch us taking photos.


Porcini and other colourful mushrooms have been available for the past couple of weeks. Don’t they look delicious!

The trees are changing to a golden colour and leaves are already falling.

The fruit trees and chestnuts are bearing their seasonal produce.

Much different to Western Australia!


  1. Hi Jim & Kerry

    The autumn colours are just amazing. You should have borrowed a rifle when you saw the deer !!
    Dave & Di

    • I’ll only comment on the colours…..the leaves are just starting to golden off and fall from the trees. Poor bambi!!!

  2. I wwm to time view your blog just when I am hungry and there you go showing me delious food again. Do love all the pics. Love Robin

    • The food is very delicious and it does look good, doesn’t it!

  3. Hi Aussies
    I see you guys have nearly become permanent residents. My wide and me are coming over half December till half January are you guys still there then?
    Regards Paul Stoker

    • Great to hear from you Paul. We return home to Perth at the end of November. Perhaps we can catch up before you come over.

  4. Beautiful colours!

    • I’m sure they will only get more vibrant as autumn continues.

  5. We are really enjoying your adventures and especially your photos. We stay in Bagni 3 or 4 times a year, our next visit is in October. Do contact us ‘off blog’ if you would like to meet for a coffee in Il Monaco. Andrea & David.

    • Thanks. Look forward to seeing you in Bagni di Lucca in October.

  6. What lovely photos! Yes, very different to WA. It’s cool here and Hawthorn just beat Freo! How sad for some!! Happy times to you both.

    • I think the colours will continue to change as autumn progresses.

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