Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 30 September 2013

The local food is excellent – Part 2

We have now visited many of the local restaurants and have been very been amazed at how good the quality of the food is. All serve seasonal produce and it would be hard to find one we haven’t been happy with. Hope you enjoy feasting your eyes on this lot!

Da Vinicio is in Ponte a Serraglio and only 200 metres from our apartment. Everytime we have been there for dinner we have Marco’s brick chicken – pollo mattone. It’s quite a salty crispy chicken and it is fabulous.

The Pizzas down at La Ruota in Fornoli are giagantic but we managed to eat it all.

Osteria Bacaro is a seafood restaurant in Piano della Rocca – their special seafoods nights are great.

Circolo dei Forestieri in La Villa only opens over the warmer months but it is excellent. Dining on the terrace overlooking the river is a must.

Da Tosca Trattoria in Brancoli overlooks the valley toward Lucca – great views and great lunch.

The little Trattoria ‘Cavallino Bianco’ in the nearby village of Benabbio is excellent for Pranzo (a workmans lunch).

On the way to Vergemoli is Antica Trattoria dell’Eremita at Eremo di Calomini. I would recommend having the trout, it is very good.

There will be a part three as we still have a couple of restaurants to take photos in before we leave. Eating out in Italy is something we will definitely miss.


  1. Ahhh so much more food to discover! looks delicious, can’t wait to come back! x

    • Meeting back here sound like a great idea…food, wine and new friends.

  2. Hi Kerry and Jim, You certainly are having a wonderful time and what a bonus to be able to introduce Vicky to the wonders of Italy. The food looks really scrumptious. I’m wondering if we will have anything like this at Banksia Springs this weekend. Keep on having fun, Love from Jan P (Friday Tarts)

    • Great to hear from you Jan. Have a great weekend sewing…and eating. Hi to all the girls.

  3. Wow, all those dishes look delicious! Your making me so hungry. I so wish we could get yummy dishes like that here in Jurien. Oh well, one can only wish……

    • Perhaps a career change Dee….your own italian cucina!

  4. We are on our way!

  5. We also think that the local food is excellent. We love going to the Eremita and we always have trout! Can’t get enough of it! You may like to try the Osteria Il Buon Gustaio, to the left of Rudy’s Bar on the SS12 opposite the road to Benabbio. Unpretentious, but good home style cooking. Try to seat inside. The road is a bit noisy.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Maria. We will add it to our list. Trust you have had a good trip home.

      • Great trip back home via the Camargue. Thank you

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