Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 3 October 2013

A glimpse of Umbria

We have just returned from a couple of days in Umbria where we visited Orvieto, Spoleto and Gubbio. What a great trip!

Our first stop was Orvieto which everyone has recommended we visit and with good reason. This beautiful Etruscan city, whose history dates back to the 9th century BC, is perched up on a rocky peak and has wonderful views. My couple of photos of the city from a distance were not good so I have grabbed a couple off the internet to show you.

From a distance the Cathedral is dominant on the landscape. It is ornately decorated with small mosaics – in the last two images my fingernail gives you an idea of the intricate detail which covers the whole of the facade.

The views across the valleys are beautiful.

Lunch was a casual affair.

Narrow lane ways lead to lovely buildings.

And little balconies overlook the piazza’s and lanes.

From Orvieto we went to Spoleto who’s history dates back to 241 BC. We arrived later in the afternoon and went for an evening stroll up the steep main street to the Cathedral up at the top.

We stayed the night at the Cavaliere Palace Hotel in a 17th-century building which features original frescoed ceilings that have been restored to their original beauty. We enjoyed a good italian breakfast.

For a complete change we dined at the New Delhi Indian Restaurant. It was very good and the service was great….we were the only ones there.

It was then off to Gubbio for the morning. Here the village has lifts that take you up to the higher levels. Very good idea! The view from the top was beautiful.

Down this little lane we found ‘La Cantina’ where we enjoyed this delicious lunch.

On our drive through the Umbria countryside, which is a big producer of olives, sunflowers and tobacco, we were interested in the farming activity. Much of the country side has been turned-over.

The sunflowers are nearly ready for harvest.

Tobacco was being harvested west of Gubbio.

And in some areas there were olive trees as far as the eye could see.

Umbria is about 3 hours to the south east of Ponte a Serrglio and most of the trip is on the A1 autostrada. On our return the traffic, mostly trucks, was particularly busy as we navigated the interchange near Florence.

It was a great couple of days away enjoying the change of scenery.


  1. Beautiful guys. Inspiring us for the next trip Umbria here we come. Just back in Perth after six weeks away.

    • You certainly won’t be disappointed. Umbria is wonderful and we hope to do one more trip that way before we leave here.

  2. Just beautiful you guys must be having the best time ther and I feel like I am experiencing Italy myself through your blog. Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks we will tell you all about it on our slide night!

  3. I do hope you pilgrims have been to Mass in that Cathedral

    • We visited but not on Sunday.

  4. Looks good, I missed out big time.

  5. Whoa, how beautiful. I will have to put this on my bucket list. Those mosaics, the yellow lanterns in the restaurant, the small lanes, the food you must be enjoying every moment. thanks for sharing.

    Love Andrea & Dave

    • You would love it – the bucket list just keeps getting longer.

  6. Beautiful photos, it’s a while since we’ve been to Umbria so brought back some happy memories.

    • Maybe you will get back there on this trip!

  7. Wonderful towns and great photos. There is so much to see in Italy!

    • You certainly need more that six months here – we are only seeing a very small part of Italy, but it is such a wonderful experience.

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