Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 5 October 2013

Cherry & Ethan’s Doer-Upperer

Cherry recently took us to have a look at a property they have bought. They are now planning the restorations and we were keen to have a look at the ‘before’ state of the house.

The external walls are in reasonable condition but the roof is in need of repair before the winter rains arrive (it will help protect the internal parts of the house that they would like to keep). The house is on three levels and their current plan is to divide it into two apartments which they will rent out and can also be used for their extended family as it is only 200 metres from their home.

Here is a look at the house in its current state. There is much to be done as you can see.

From this angle it looks pretty good!

From this angle it looks pretty good!

The garden is currently a bit of a jungle full of nettles, brambles and overgrowth making it a little difficult to access.

The lower level will be a one bedroom apartment, accessed from the front of the house, and currently looks like this. It still has the original oven and fireplace.

The second and third levels will be a three bedroom apartment accessed from the rear of the house. Look at the beautiful tiles in the entry and the views from the top floor are lovely. There are two original basins/sinks, floor and roof tiles that will be retained for that lovely italian charm.

Looking back over to Cherry & Ethan’s – a path of some sort will be constructed to connect the two properties.

I know that when the project is finished it will be fabulous so we will have to come back one day to see for ourselves.

Here is a link to previous posts on their house. Click here and here.


  1. Can’t wait to see if when it’s finished!

    • Maybe we will meet back here one day.

  2. All I can say is Cherry and Ethan must love the Reno game a lot of hard work thank you for sharing ther house with us . Trust you are both happy and well love hearing about all your adventures
    Love Jackie

    • I’m sure the finished result will be worth all the effort.

  3. Holy moly what a challenge looks like Arena Joondalup after the Cardies grand final party. Are you guys looking for a similar Reno challenge in Margaret River when you get back.

    • No way – handyman Jim he may be but I would only trust him with a hammer.

  4. I wish them good luck and plenty of patience with the restoration project. It is lots of fun, but it is time consuming. A couple of pieces advice: The roof needs to be fixed as soon as possible and it would be a good idea to look at proper insulation, which will result in big savings as it would reduce heating costs (energy is very expensive in Italy and winters can be long and cold). It looks as if new windows will be needed. Tell them to go for double glazed PVC (they come in all colours, even imitate wood to a point where is difficult to tell what they are made of). Yes, they are not cheap, but they will again save on energy as they increase the insulation.

    • I will pass on your good advice.

  5. Crazy crazy.

    • I will put the link to Cherry & Ethan’ house on the blog – it too was a renovation project.

  6. It will be interesting to see the progress of the renovations.

    • Yes, we must come back to see it.

  7. We will all be waiting for you.

    • Thank you. You will all be missed.

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