Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 12 October 2013

Felicity’s visit was mostly about the food!

Felicity finally arrived from London about 4 hours late as her flight was diverted to Milan due to storms around Pisa.


After her hectic Top Deck tour of Europe she has been feeling unwell with a sore throat and a cold. But a trip to the pharmacy and a day to recover and we were out and about.

As with all visitors to Italy her first introduction was to the very drinkable local aperitif ‘Aperol Spritz’. Felicity was no exception – she was happy to have one or two.

Lunch at Pio in San Quirico di Moriano was next on the agenda. We restrained ourselves to just a pasta dish. Amazing!

We went sightseeing in and around a couple of the local villages.

A trip to the nearby walled city of Lucca is a must for visitors.

Felicity’s one wish was to visit Siena, a medieval village in Tuscany that is famous for the Palio, a horse race held twice a year, in the Piazza del Campo.

We also managed a quick visit to the very beautiful village of San Gimignano, a small walled hilltop village well known for its medieval architecture, towers and beautiful tuscan scenery.

The weather was lousy for a couple of days so a Pranzo lunch up in the clouds and mist in Benabbio was lovely.

We also did the sightseeing trip up to Castelnuovo and across the mountains to Isola Santa, the abandoned marble quarry and down to Forte dei Marmi which is now all packed up for winter. No people, no umbrellas, no boats. The weather on the day was awful but we managed to avoid the rain.

On Felicity’s last day the weather forecast looked good so we did a trip over to the Cinque Terra. Only visited two of the villages, Vernazza and Riomaggiore, as their was a train breakdown on the line and the train delays and schedules proved a problem.

We strolled around Vernazza before having a light lunch. All the little fishing boats are now out of the water for winter and are being stored in the piazza. The ferry that runs over the summer months was not operating was the swell was quite high.

Riomaggiore looked so colourful in the afternoon sunshine.

For our farewell dinner we walked up to La Villa and dined at Del Sonno. As usual the food was fabulous.

Felicity is on her way to London for two days of shopping before returning to Perth on Tuesday.


You may have noticed that we have done quite a lot of eating over the last week – this is just some of the delicious fare we have experienced. Thanks for coming to visit Fliss – we had a great time showing you around our lovely part of the world.


  1. Thanks for my blog! I did have an amazing time with you both in Italy and yes, we did eat A LOT. The Pranzo lunch in particular took a few days to recover due to the overeating! I loved visiting all of the local villages (“willages”), seeing Sienna, Lucca, San Gimignano etc, having coffee at the local coffee shop, meeting the great friends you have made there and most of all spending time with you both enjoying great chats (and food and drinks). Take care and see you back in Australia later this year xoxoxoxo

    • It was so lovely having you come to stay. See you soon.

  2. Thanks for giving Felicity such a wonderful time, I know she loved spending time with you both and in such a truly beautiful part of the world xxx

    • It was great having her here – we had so much fun, food and fizzy drinks.

  3. So glad Felicity enjoyed the visit with you and vice versa! I had a small “weird” experience the other day. Mel phoned from the bank re our car rego changeover and your face appeared Jim!!! I hadn’t taken your image off the bank phone number! It gave me a start, then a smile! Keep enjoying, both of you xox

    • Bet that gave you a scare!!!!!

  4. ciao Jim & Kerry,
    thank you reporting your extreme y long holiday in Italy, with or without visitors. Obviously you are both enjoying it.
    With all that delicious food, there should be a “weight-watcher”!

    Ciao Felicity, it was a pleasure to meet you. A Lucky Girl travelling around in Europe. Do it again, and some more in Italy.
    Discover how Dante ( +/- 1300 a.C) used your name “Felicitá” in the sense of “pienamente appagato nei tuoi desideri”. You will understand that without translation.
    Remember the nice song “Felicitá….. “di Al Bano & Romina Power, from 1987. At this very weekend they are both in Moscow to sing together that song, after a lot of years of going each his/her own way. Be happy in Perth or elsewhere. Un caro saluto, da Agostino.

    • Thank you for your kind words Agostino. Felicity has really enjoyed her time here meeting all our new friends. I’m sure she will be back this way at some time.

  5. Glad to hear that you are still enjoying your stay, although the weather has changed a lot.

    • The weather is much cooler now – into our winter woolies some days.

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