Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 14 October 2013

Chestnut Festival & Mushroom Exhibition

On the weekend we all went up to Castelnuovo in Garfagnana to attend the Sagra delle Castagne & Mostra di Funghi (Chestnut Festival & Mushroom Exhibition).

Debra and her sister Sandra together with four lovely Perth ladies, Judi, Jan, June & Geri who are staying up at Cherry & Ethan’s for 10 days, and of course Jim, all headed off for the adventure. I have discovered a wonderful shoe shop up in Castelnuovo. Roberta Calzature e Pelletterie is at Via Fabrizi Nicola, 4 in Castelnuovo Di Garfagnana and is well worth a visit if you are in the area. As we were early we decided to pay a visit to the shop. Nadia was again very helpful and a couple of the ladies purchased…as you do!

June, Geri and Sandra

June, Geri and Sandra

The event was held up at Fortezza di Mont’Alfonso and a bus service from Castelnuovo was provided to take you up to the fortress.

Sandra, June (peeking over the seat), Debra, Jim, Geri (peeking from behind Jim), myself, Jan and Judi on the bus

Sandra, June (peeking over the seat), Debra, Jim, Geri (peeking from behind Jim), myself, Jan and Judi on the bus

The festival was just getting underway when we arrived. The views from the old fortress site are lovely.

Chestnut trees cover many hectares here in Italy. Over the centuries they have been a source on food for locals and resourcefully used during droughts and famines to sustain families.

Chestnuts are roasted, deep fried, dried and milled into flour, candied, boiled, steamed, grilled, or roasted in sweet or savoury recipes. They can be used to stuff vegetables and poultry and are available fresh, dried, ground or canned.

We had them roasted – any excuse for blokes to light fires. They were OK! The mulled wine was so much better.

Judi, Geri, Jim, Sandra, Debra, Jan & June

Judi, Geri, Jim, Sandra, Debra, Jan & June

As part of the festival there was also a mushroom exhibition. Mushrooms of all shapes, colours and sizes, edible and poisonous, were on display. What an amazing variety. Here as just some of the beauties.

A great day – thanks for the suggestion Debra. We look forward to catching up for coffee with the Perth ladies on our return to WA.


  1. I am waiting patiently, bit there’s not much time left.

  2. How yummy and those mushies and nuts…Jim you look at home with all those girls around you!
    Lunch with the Campbell yesterday at the Spirit House (Thai)…awesome.
    They depart Noosa today.
    Weather definitely looks like its getting cooler for you guys

    • Weather much cooler now. Jim in his element with all these women around.

  3. Love the photos. Thank you for sharing your day with us we had a great day and enjoyed your company.

    • Thanks Jan….great day had by all.

  4. I adore mushrooms I had no idea there were so many varieties! Lovely to meet you both for coffee, hope you get your heating sorted out 🙂

    • Great to meet you both today. Sorry we had to rush off. With any luck it will be sorted out today. Happy house hunting.

  5. What a great day you all had! Green with envy!

    • The festival was lovely….and the mushroom display amazing!

  6. Hi Kerry, I am still patiently waiting for the blog on Italian men.

    The photos are always amazing. Can you imagine Dean and I driving right through the centre of Sienna, yes Tomtom told us to so that was good enough for Dean.

    Cheers Janet

    • Still collecting Janet. Good things come to those that wait!

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