Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 21 October 2013

Thunder, lightning and rain…..rain…..rain

Overnight we have had a huge thunderstorm with thunder so close it rattled the windows, lightning and so much rain – and more is forecast for the next day or so. The Lima River is flowing furiously.

We have gone from this….


….to this in a few hours overnight.


I noticed these potential problems on my early morning stroll.


More rain is forecast so it will be interesting to see how much more water comes down in the next 24 hours…..I may have to update this post tomorrow morning.


  1. They could do with that rain in the Eastern states the fires are extreme in the blue mountains keep safe love jackie

    • We are getting some reports on the fires here on BBC World News. They don’t sound good.

  2. All good things come from heaven; no lack of water at your current place; I hope your roof will stand.

    • All good – no roof leaks to report.

  3. Mother Nature can really turn it on. Amazing pictures! Take care. Regards.

    • Yes it is amazing how quick the river rose and the current is very strong still.

  4. Council sent a warning message concerning bad weather through Facebook, but this is a real deluge!

    • The thunderstorm was very bright and loud and the rain torrential.

  5. It is exciting…in a way…as long as there is no damage and nobody is hurt. I love these morning storms and the river looks amazing when it is roaring past.

    • It is flowing so fast. Such a shame the ‘car’ was only a rock.

  6. Holy moly!! what a change, that is definitely some significant rain! Fingers crossed there is no major damage. Take care xoxox

    • Holy moly – exactly. Not really that cold though.

  7. Wow, what an amazing change! Hope the weather lifts soon

    • We have been pretty lucky so far. Only a few days where it has been too wet to get out.

  8. Time to get out and dust off the wellies me thinks.

    • Yep….wet day or two ahead.

  9. Woo, thats heavy rain, take are over there

    • There is no chance of us getting washed away but there has been some damage and road closures around the village.

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