Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 22 October 2013

Vico Pancellorum

Our previous visits to Vico Pancellorum have always been for dinner at Buca Di Baldabo, hence we have only seen it after dark, so we travelled up there for a daytime visit to see the beautiful scenery from the village. Vico Pancellorum sits 555 meters above sea level and is about 20 kms from Ponte a Serraglio. The autumn leaves are slowing changing to golden and reddish shades.

The village is on two levels the lower level has a church – its history dates back to the 900’s – and also the restaurant.

The upper part of the village is mostly housing and the spectacular views are best up here.

These little kittens met us in the carpark and followed us through the village.

After all the rain and dampness the fungi are flourishing.

Our trip was only two days after the thunderstorm and we had intended to visit San Cassiano as well but there had been a landside due to the heavy rain and we were unable to get up there.

The turnaround bay revealed this herd of goats and a colourful collection of bee hives in this lovely setting.

When the road reopens we will visit San Cassiano again. This is just one of several roads that have been closed since the storm. The road from Chifenti to Borgo a Mozzano is still closed whilst the roads to Vergemoli and Gallicano have been reopened today.


  1. Hi Guys, leaving Assisi today for Rome 3days then home. Will continue to follow your trip.

  2. Great to hear that everything is going back to normal after the big storm. Chifenti to the Borg has been a problem in the past, I guess that some major road work is needed. Vico Pancellorum is beautiful and next time you should also go to Limano. And San Cassiano is worth a visit. Enjoy your trips!

    • Part of the road has now reopened but the road between Borgo a Mozzano and Piaggione still closed.

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