Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 26 October 2013

A stroll around our block in Ponte a Serraglio

Driving into the village on a beautiful tree lined street immediately gives you the feeling you are in a lovely area.

Come on a stroll with us around our home village of Ponte a Serraglio which is in the region of Bagni di Lucca. This is a map of the village were our apartment ‘Villa Isabella’ is. When this image was taken the river level was very low.

It is such a lovely village.

Villa Isabella from street level. Click here to see more images of the apartment.

Walking up the street toward the piazza, which is only 250 metres away, we pass the The Royal Casino. This was the first licensed casino in Europe and it is where the game of roulette was said to have been created.

From our apartment walking toward the piazza.

From our apartment walking toward the piazza.

The Royal Casino

The Royal Casino

A little further along we pass the Gabrielli Center Parrucchiere (hairdressers). Prices here are a little cheaper than at home and although only a little english is spoken there we haven’t had any ‘lost in translation’ moments.

Gabrielli Center (hairdressers)

Gabrielli Center (hairdressers)

Next we pass a small piazza, which is higher than street level, that has a drycleaner/laundry service – no signs to attract business – and several apartments.

Da Vinicio does great pizza and is where we love to have the ‘brick chicken’.

Da Vinicio Restaurant & Pizzerria

Da Vinicio Restaurant & Pizzerria

After this we enter the piazza.

The Pharmacy and Post Office

The Pharmacy and Post Office

The Bridge Hotel

The Bridge Hotel

The Tobacco Shop

The Tobacco Shop

Bar Italia - our local bar

Bar Italia – our local bar

Da Bruna - another restaurant

Da Bruna – another restaurant

Il Monaco is our local cafe

Il Monaco is our local cafe

Newspaper stand

Newspaper stand

Over the warmer months the piazza is closed to traffic on occasions and it is wonderful location for local events.

From here you can continue up to La Villa or cross the bridge. Debra’s apartment is on the 1st floor above the bridge – the one with the flowers.

Debra's apartment is on the 1st floor with flowers on the balcony

Debra’s apartment is on the 1st floor with flowers on the balcony

Going across the bridge and turning right you travel back toward the walking bridge past several apartment buildings before the road divides at this unusual building. I believe it was once a hotel but is now apartments.

The road to the left leads to Piazza Dell Chiesa where the local church is. The bells are now automated and chime on the hour and half hour and of course when church is about to begin.

Back down at the intersection you continue on passed the hotel Albergo Corona.

Albergo Corona & Ristorante

Albergo Corona & Ristorante

This is the view of the hotel Corona from our apartment. We are directly opposite on the other side of the river.


A little further along is Villa Fiori, a 19th century mansion, which is now owned by the commune (shire council) and is in need of renovation. It is a beautiful building – such a shame it is not open to the public.


However, part of the gardens of Villa Fiori are used as a local park and throughout the year many events are held there.

From here we return home via the walking bridge across the Lima River.

The walking bridge from Villa Fiori back across to our apartment building

The walking bridge from Villa Fiori back across to our apartment building

There are many other lovely homes and buildings in the village – but they will have to wait for another day.


  1. Jim & Kerry, again what excellent photos! Makes us most envious of your travels.

    Dougie & Susan

    • Yes it has been great – time is starting to run out on us now so we have to make the most of it.

  2. The photo’s are great just how I remember it, I mean it has only been 4 weeks. Ha ha

    • I’m sure you will remember it for a long time – it is really a lovely place to visit.

  3. Looks magic. Love the Piazzas. Something we should have copied from the Italians. Finally getting some sun in Perth. Cheers Alan

    • You are so right – the piazza is a great meeting place for the villages.

  4. Great to see your local haunts! When r u due back in Aussie!

    • We are nearing the end now – home at the end of November.

  5. I forgot to mention that the building with the columns that has been divided into apartments used to be the prestigious “Hôtel de Russie” back in the 19th Century.

    • I’m sure it would have been very luxurious.

  6. This makes us miss, even more, our cappuccini and delicious “sfoglie” at “Il Monaco” . Great photos!

    • And you company is missed also.

  7. Hello you two. Well now I can just show this to my folks at home to show them where we spent part of our holiday. Thanks for this tour. Say hello to Deb.

    • Yes, it will be a good keepsake for us as well. May turn it into a coffee table book for our own reference.

  8. You’ll have lots of special memories! What lovely buildings surround you!!

    • Yes, we are in a very pretty village.

  9. The images really give us a good sense of your home away from home. The thunderstorms looked to have topped up the river surprised not to see jim out in his kayak. Our last trip to Melbourne as Kate and Andrew sold their home today and will now move up to Sydney which will be the regular trip next year. Look forward to catching up with you both before too long. Regards Peter and janet

    • With the river still reasonably high we have had inflatable rafts coming down the river over the past couple of days.

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