Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 27 October 2013

Lucchio, Ponte Sospeso, lunch of course and Cherry’s farewell!

Yesterday we visited one of the nearby villages we had not yet seen. Lucchio is quite a small village which looks as though it is hanging onto the side of the mountain for dear life. It appears to be almost vertical. These photos taken from several different angles show you what we mean.


All of the buildings we saw in the village were natural stone – the only exception was the bar.

There is a old fortress at the top of the village, but unfortunately due to the heavy rain the path up was unstable so we decided not to continue – it’s a hell of a long way down!!

This house is looking for the right buyer – experience needed I would think to get it back into a liveable condition.

As you can imagine the views from up here are spectacular. Sitting 780 metres above sea level you can see the miles.

This water fountain has been a part of the village water supply since 1605.


Descending back down the mountain we continued north to visit Ponte Sospeso, the pedestrian suspension bridge of San Marcello Pistoiesea over the Lima River that is 227 metres long (although it appears to be much longer), 36 metres high and 1.3 meters wide.

The bridge was opened in June 1923, having taken three years to construct, allowing workers from Popiglio easy access to the factories on the other side of the river in Mammiano, otherwise a 6 km walk each way to and from work.

The walk down to the bridge from the carpark was steep but lovely – no one told us that you could drive around to the other side and park at bridge level – puff! puff!

After expending all the energy we though we could justify this lovely lunch at Antichi Sapori Di Piccinetti Sabrina in La Lima. The little restaurant is attached to a shop selling locally made produce.

Lunch was very good. The pasta was gnocchi with gorgonzola and spaghetti with ragu sauce. We both had the roast chicken with potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Last evening Cherry had invited us all up to her house for her farewell dinner. We are very sad to see her go but she is off to visit family and friends and will return in the new year. Love this photo of Cherry and Jim. Thanks for everything Cherry – you have been a wonderful friend to us during our time here. We look forward to catching up again…..somewhere.


Another great day here in beautiful Tuscany!


  1. Another group of stunning photos. I agree with lots of comments – will miss travelling with you once you return to Oz! Just a thought, have you seen any modern architecture in your travels in Italy or is it all old. I always try to read your blog after I have eaten because the foodie photos are amazing!!! R x

    • Mostly old Robyn – there are some modern building around but they don’t seem to do modern all that well. Maybe because their old is so lovely the new doesn’t appeal.
      As for the food….we are expanding!

  2. Inspiring natural beauty. By now you must be a couple of well qualified foodies. Jim you do look surprisingly fit after having consumed so many local treats.

    • The girth is slowing expanding!

  3. The second photo from the top with the mountains in the background is awesome.

    • Yes with the sun shining on the rocky mountain in the background it looks great.

  4. When you finally say farewell I shall miss hearing from you via the net. So glad you have had a wonderful Italian and French visit.
    You earned the food you had after the walk on that bridge!!
    See you soon.

    • Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  5. Photos are great again…must be lovely watching the changing season!

    • Yes it is Pauline, not something we see in WA. Gum trees are just green!!!

  6. Great photos, look slike a place I need to have a look at

    • I’m sure Vicky would love to come back!

  7. ciao Jim & Kerry,
    did you notice that all the chicken in Lucchio are walking around with a basket “down-under”, to avoid the eggs are rolling down the steep mountains ?

    • I am not surprised by this….otherwise everyone at the bottom of the mountain would be eating scrambled eggs!!

  8. Lucchio is a beautiful town and I do hope that it will survive and I really mean it, as it is nowadays the second smallest town in Italy, with only 46 inhabitants. In the good old days, it used to have more than 800. Restoring some of the old, abandoned homes will be a major task, as most of them will require very expensive underpinning. And I do not want to think about the difficulties of carrying materials up there… My back starts to hurt and I am only imagining…

    • Yes, you are right. It certainly is a difficult village as far a access goes…and the prospective buyer will need deep pockets.

  9. A great photographic memory trail, but I still think the 2 of you will find it difficult to leave that place!


    • Kerry has done a great job with the photos & I am also impressed. It will be hard to leave – see you soon.

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