Posted by: Kerry & Jim | 29 October 2013

A day of celebrations!

Yesterday was Jim’s birthday so we celebrated with lunch at Marina di Pisa, a popular beach and marina area for nearby Pisa.


The place was pretty much deserted…we were the only ones at the restaurant and the streets and beach were virtually empty – summer season has definitely finished.

From there it was off to Pisa airport to collect Zora (our niece) and Will who are staying with us for a couple of days – they are on their honeymoon. They got married in Perth on the 5th October and after a couple of weeks at home have now been to London and Paris. Here they are on their wedding day.

We had a quick look around Pisa with them before returning home for pre-dinner drinks and then walking up to Del Sonno for dinner.


We are off exploring again today and are looking forward to showing Zora & Will around this lovely area.


  1. Belated Birthday Greetings Jim. Just catching up on the mail. I would never have guessed you have just turned 55. By the way were have those yellow shorts gone?

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes. Winter has arrived here so the shorts are packed ready for the return home. I will display them when we next catch up.

  2. Jim you look amazing for someone of your age………………………..only joking. Happy Birthday mate. Your both living the dream. Cheers Pav

    • Thanks Pav. I feel like a million bucks……but not sure about the looks.

  3. Happy birthday Jim. I didn’t realize your birthday was on the same day as mine, does that make us the same age? I wish. Your only a baby. You always look like your having a ball, you won’t want to come home.

    • I’m glad we didn’t realise that as well….it would have meant another hangover.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Jim! Looks like you had a delicious lunch and great company… Love the Kiddells

    • Thanks. The food is really good here…and nice to celebrate with Zora & Will seeing we missed their wedding.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy Birthday Jim, Happy Birthday to you. Hip hip hoarah.
    Andrea & Dave

    • What a lovely voice you have….Thanks.

  6. Happy birthday Jim. You have missed out on your rude card this year but I will keep it for next year. Will & Zora look very relaxed. Love from John, Lisa, Ashley, Danika, Jamie & Laini.

    • Looking forward to my next birthday….just to get your card.

  7. Happy birthday old fella, the Italian life certainly looks like it’s agreeing with you – youthful looks, good food & the occasional wine! Keep living the dream & may you celebrate many more wonderful birthdays.

    • Thanks…and yes it is all good here.

  8. Happy birthday for yesterday!

  9. Buon compleanno, Jim! tanti auguri anche a Kerry. We hope to see you both end of november. Carla & Agostino

    • Thanks very much Carla & Agostino.

  10. Sure you had a great birthday Jim in a wonderful part of the world
    Love and best wishes peter and Jackie

    • Yes thanks…..great place to celebrate in.

  11. Happy Birthday Jim. We arrived back in Australia a week ago. Still trying to adjust. It is a bit of a culture shock. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Zena and Tom

    • Yes, we will be in touch on our return to hear all about your time in France.

  12. Happy Birthday Jim, not long now until you guys are home, looking forward to catching up with you both for a lemoncillo.

    • Looking forward to it….I think.

  13. Happy birthday! Glad to see you are still enjoying the beautiful Italian lifestyle!

    • We only have about 4 weeks to go….very sad.

  14. Happy birthday Jimmy for last week. Hope you had a great day. See you both when you get back. Ron and Beverley

  15. It looks like you celebrated in style and no need to fight off the crowds!

    • Once again the food was great.

  16. Oops, forgot the birthday wishes for the birthday boy – hope you had a great day, and that you enjoy many many more, all in such nice places!

    Cya both soon

    Larry & Anne

    • The birthday boy is happy to forget that he is another year older.

  17. Share your good luck with them and wish them a long and happy marriage from us.

    Larry & Anne

    • Thanks….Zora & Will are blissfully happy.

  18. Happy belated birthday wishes, Jim! And yes, at this time of the year, our coastal area is pretty deserted, except on weekends and providing the weather is fair. Quite a contrast when you compare this to the summer months. Congratulations and best wishes to the young, handsome couple. And I really love Zora’s wedding dress. Very “chic”.

    • Thanks for your kind wishes for Zora & Will.

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